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Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony.  He was up early today and walking his dogs along Buckhaven beach.

Buckhaven beach

We had a sunny but chilly day here too, with a brisk northerly wind keeping temperatures down to 6°C at their highest.

It didn’t matter to me as I got out of bed but never got dressed.  This was to ensure that I didn’t succumb to temptation and go out for a walk while the sun was shining.

I woke up to find that my leg was a lot less sore and as the day went on, and applications of gentle massage, magic ointment and frozen peas occurred, my leg continued to improve.  Any thoughts of a serious tear have receded and the injury has now been re-categorised as a minor sprain or strain which needs considerate treatment….and a lot less moaning and groaning.

As a result of looking after the sprain, I hardly did anything all day.  I managed lying back in bed in the morning while listening to an interesting programme about Bach’s music, and then making a loaf of bread and putting a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database in the afternoon.

I did cast the occasional look out of the kitchen window.

Knowing that I was laid up, the weather gods provided a cloudless day to torment me…

sunny garden

…but mother nature laid on a good supply of birds to entertain me.

siskin oct

A siskin

I did go out of the house for about 30 seconds or so to change the feeder and a chaffinch gave the replacement a very quizzical look.

quizzical chaffinch

A blue tit liked it more as it has better perching facilities for  very small birds.

blue tit on clean feeder

It was all the same to the jackdaws.  They only come for the fat balls.

sleek jackdaw

We entertained Mike Tinker to a cup of tea on his return from holiday in Wales.  He came bearing rich gifts of delicious cheese and other delicacies.

We have a heavy day of church singing tomorrow as our church choir is going to sing at a four church choir festival of music in Lochmaben and we will have our own service in the morning, a practice in the afternoon and then the festival in the evening.  I am looking forward to it.

It was a day for sideways looks from flying chaffinches.

sideways flying chaffinch





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Today’s guest picture comes from my brother who stopped to take this picture on his way up Stanage Edge in the Peak District today.

Stanage Edge

I had a busy morning which started with taking the car to the garage to get a slow puncture sorted.  I had noticed the possibility of pressure loss when I pumped up the tyres before going to Pitlochry and a second check on our return confirmed that all was not well.

I took the car up to the garage before breakfast and it was a lovely sunny day but at 2°C, it was quite chilly as I went to walk home and this may have contributed to what happened next.  I decided to nip across the road in between traffic and as I stepped off the pavement, I felt an ominous stab of pain from a calf muscle.  I had no alternative but to stagger home as best as I could hoping that I had done nothing worse than a slight strain.

It became apparent that I wasn’t going to get off so easily and after breakfast, I cycled back up to the town for a meeting regarding the Archive Group.  Cycling was better than walking but it was no fun at all.

I had seen two dippers at the river earlier on so I had my camera with me on this trip but the dippers had gone.

A goosander had appeared though so not all was lost.


The puncture was promptly fixed by the garage, the car was fetched by Mrs Tootlepedal, the meeting went well and as Dropscone brought some of his best treacle scones round for coffee when I got back, the day was very satisfactory in every way except one.  It became very plain that I had torn my calf muscle and enforced idleness would have to be the plan for the rest of the day and probably for a few days to come.

As my cycling miles for October are already very poor, this is a great pity and unless we get some very unseasonably pleasant weather in November and December, my annual target looks to be out of reach now.

As it was still sunny, I took a very gentle walk round the garden.  I had hoped to go for a walk in the hills in the sunshine so this was a poor substitute but the flowers did their best to cheer me up.

The clematis are doing amazingly well still…

clematis oct 26

clematis in october

…..but this was the very last of the Japanese anemones for the year.

last japanese anemone of year

The ‘October daisies’ are living up to their nickname…

october asters

…and the delphinium is astonishing.

delphinium oct 26

We have a couple of sunny but chilly days forecast but as there is supposed to be no sub zero temperatures, it will be interesting to see what survives in the garden.

Standing around at the kitchen window wasn’t an ideal way to treat my calf so I only had a brief look at the birds today.

In spite of the sunshine, the feeder lives in dark shadow in the mornings at this time of year and oddly enough, the brighter the sun, the harder it is to take pictures before it has moved round in the sky.

A chaffinch took advantage of the stump of the sunflower next to the feeder to size up the situation.

chaffinch on sunflower

Even when things improve, the very bright backgrounds don’t help the camera to see the birds in the foreground clearly and I often need a lot of help from the photo editor to make the birds visible at all.

busy feeder oct 26

This was a pity because there was quite a lot of lively action from time to time.


A greenfinch turned its back on me…

back of greenfinch

…and a goldfinch and a coal tit were simultaneously distracted by different things.

coal tit looking out

I couldn’t find a moment today without some intrusive shadows…

chaffinch in sun and shade

…unless I looked at the plum tree…

chaffinches in plum tree Oct

…but as it looked rather wintery, I didn’t look at it often.

During the day, I treated the calf as well as I could with some gentle massage, healing ointment and frozen peas but it is still pretty sore as I write this and I am not very hopeful about a miracle cure.  I may well need to draw fully on my rather scanty stock of patience tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch, getting a very hard stare from a goldfinch for encroaching on its space.

close flying chaffinch

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