Sight seeing

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother Andrew, taken as he passed through Sydney.  It shows a tourist-soaking speedboat trip in the shadow of the famous harbour bridge. I had a far less exciting trip than that today.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off to an all day embroiderers’ workshop, entailing some very detailed beadwork andContinue reading “Sight seeing”

We’re having a heat wave

Today’s guest picture is of a guest, not by a guest.  It was actually taken by me and shows Anne, who took yesterday’s guest picture of the hummingbird hawkmoth, chatting to Mrs Tootlepedal over the garden hedge about the excitement of the sighting. After the energetic activity of the last two days, I rose lateContinue reading “We’re having a heat wave”

A small host

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my daughter Annie, shows a tree surgeon cutting up the eucalyptus tree that was blown over in their garden by the recent gales.  Sadly, it makes for poor burning so all of it will go to shredding. After two days of sunshine in Langholm, the meteorological authorities, fearingContinue reading “A small host”

Red faced

Today’s guest picture shows a colourful townscape from my sister Susan’s recent trip to Croatia. An apology to start off with.  The unusual visitor which we had yesterday… …was not a quail at all.  A well informed correspondent has pointed out that it was a red legged partridge.  These are put out into the countrysideContinue reading “Red faced”


The picture of the day, from the camera of my brother Andrew,  shows the impressive Tissington Trail.  He claims that the gravel surface makes it hard to ride his bike at any speed.  As it is a mixed use trail maybe this is not a bad thing though I agree that gravel trails  make forContinue reading “Interruptions”