Building up our hopes

Today’s picture is  a fuchsia from the hanging baskets at the Tourist Information Point at the Kilngreen. It was very wet when we got up this morning but neither Dropscone or I wanted to be the one who suggested calling off the morning pedal so he came round as usual and we set off inContinue reading “Building up our hopes”

Busy doing nothing

Today’s picture shows a perennial sweet pea photographed by Dropscone in his garden. I got up rather late but with the best intentions. I even got dressed in my cycling gear straight away. Thirty miles was my target. I hadn’t noticed it while I was dressing but it was drizzling lightly as I ate myContinue reading “Busy doing nothing”

One man went to mow

Today’s picture is another from my indefatigable sister Susan, this time from Paris. It shows a station clock which is now in a museum. The day was grey, the forecast was foreboding but Dropscone and I, brave souls, went out regardless for the morning run.  I had the full rain gear on as it wasContinue reading “One man went to mow”

A hill too far

Today’s picture is the new wider front gate that Ross made for us now in position. I was hoping to sneak out for a quick pedal before playing golf but it was raining when I woke up and I didn’t feel very perky anyway so I spent some time catching up on things to beContinue reading “A hill too far”


Today’s picture comes from my sister Susan’s recent jaunt to the Lake District. It was taken at Honister Pass. It was another day of sunshine and showers and I was hoping that the sunshine would coincide with my Wednesday round of golf and that the showers would come when I was resting indoors. The gardenContinue reading “Yippee”

Driven to despair

Today’s picture comes from Bruce. It is one one minute exposure taken last night at 2.15 of an aurora over Langholm. I am going to try to have a look tonight if the sky is clear. The weather was back to very windy today so I didn’t go for a cycle ride before playing golf. Continue reading “Driven to despair”

Infinitely busier

Today’s picture is of a strange plant sent to me by Bruce. It is growing at a fantastic rate near a new path that he uses to walk his dog. He wonders whether it is a triffid. With Dropscone away for the week umpiring juvenile golf matches, I have the cycling field to myself. IContinue reading “Infinitely busier”

Dodging showers

Today’s picture was taken while on a jaunt to the Thames by my sister Susan. It shows Billingsgate. It was a day of sunshine and showers and after breakfast, I went out on my speedy (relatively) bike in the hope of catching the sun and avoiding the showers. I didn’t quite manage it but IContinue reading “Dodging showers”


Today’s flower is a  gerbera given to Mrs Tootlepedal by our son Tony on Mothering Sunday and still going strong. They seem indestructible. From a cycling point of view, I wasted today. The best time for cycling came in the evening when I had an engagement and though the rest of the day wasn’t tooContinue reading “Chairman”