Hopes dashed

Today’s  picture shows three of Dropscone’s relatives on Gavin’s recent wet holiday.  For security reasons I cannot tell you which ones are the relatives. Once again, in spite of very wet weather elsewhere, we had a pleasant sunny day today, this time with no passing showers at all.  Following the doctor’s prescription to take aContinue reading “Hopes dashed”

Welcome home

Today’s picture from my sister Mary shows a false bridge on the lake at Kenwood with a perfect reflection.  It is just an architectural feature. After a night of heavy rain (as forecast), we enjoyed a pleasantly warm and dry day again.  I took advantage of this to snap this blue tit getting its feathersContinue reading “Welcome home”

Dodging the rain

Today’s picture, sent by Gavin who is on a wet walk in the Peal District, shows the Peak Forest Canal basin at Buxworth.  I particularly like canals so it gets in at full size.. Once again the worst of the weather seems to have given us the go by.  My recorder playing friend Sue, whoContinue reading “Dodging the rain”

Brief encounter

The picture of the day is the rose which has developed from the bud of yesterday. That’s what a little sunshine does. It was warm and sunny when I woke up today but as I had an appointment with the consultant at Carlisle in the morning, I thought it would be better not to goContinue reading “Brief encounter”


Today’s picture is of a soggy rose in the morning which can’t quite cope with the wet. It was cloudy but warm so while Mrs Tootlepedal was probably sipping champagne for her breakfast as they do in the south of England, I had a plate of porridge and a gentle pedal with Dropscone.  I wentContinue reading “Confused”


Today’s picture shows the Tower of London.  It comes from the camera of my sister Mary. It was another of those days which we have become all to used to when, if it wasn’t raining at any one time, it was going to start soon.  This put paid to cycling as, at the moment, IContinue reading “Limestone”

Apres moi le deluge

Today’s picture in the midst of our gloomy weather is another ray of sunshine from Sue’s Greek Island hols. The picture gives a flavour of the morning pedal as I puff along behind Dropscone before he shoots off.  Today, I did my now customary ten miles while he went round a hilly 26 mile circuitContinue reading “Apres moi le deluge”


Today’s picture is another from my brother’s recent walk on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border.  It shows a gate for very thin people or perhaps, one legged walkers.. It wasn’t a good day for a walk here or a pedal for that matter as it was raining lightly and steadily when we woke up.  On the plusContinue reading “Unhelpful”

Wide blue yonder

Today’s picture is from my recorder playing friend Sue’s holiday on a  Greek island.  Looks quite nice there. It was almost as sunny there as it was in Langholm this morning and I had taken several photos before Dropscone and I set out for the customary pedal. A frog was already sunbathing. I like theContinue reading “Wide blue yonder”

New balls

Today’s picture shows Dropscone with two club-mates, Stewart and George, representing the Langholm Golf Club in a charity fourball at Southerness today.  Presumably the fourth member is taking the picture. In the end, we have passed through the forecast rain and gales of the last few days without getting too much of either and theContinue reading “New balls”