Getting wet

Today’s post is another glimpse of Maisie from NZ.  She is being helpful by removing the washing from the basket and putting it on the floor. Our breakfast was accompanied by the frantic squawking of this bird outside the window. At the far end of the lawn, a family of sparrows were taking a breakContinue reading “Getting wet”


Today’s picture is a third from my sister Mary’s recent visit to the Thames. It shows the magnificent glass house in Kew Gardens. I was going to do a lot of things today – go for a bike ride, mow the lawn, take some nice pictures and who knows what else but in the endContinue reading “Hung”

Flying visit

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s walk yesterday.  I think it was taken in Kew Gardens. That’s a bit more impressive than our pond, though if it keeps on raining like it did today, we may be able to match it soon.  It is a pity that my sister Susan, who is payingContinue reading “Flying visit”

Shopping list

Today’s picture comes from a visit my sister Mary took to Richmond and Kew today.  It shows a mini flotilla on the Thames. She says that there were not many people on board because the weather was variable.  Our weather was not very variable.  It was cold and cloudy with added wind and occasional rain. Continue reading “Shopping list”

I saw a bird

Today’s picture shows the village of Mickleton in Gloucestershire.  My brother was visiting it by bike. It was a pleasant, if rather windy day and still on the cool side for June when Dropscone appeared for the morning pedal.  My joints were on strike so he pedalled off round the morning run while I gentlyContinue reading “I saw a bird”

Info rush

Today’s picture is the re-appearance of the chubby siskin kid… …or another one looking just the same. The little siskins are a bit strange.  They stand absolutely still, doing nothing, saying nothing, visited by no-one and then the next time you look, they have gone.  They don’t tweet or flap their wings like the littleContinue reading “Info rush”

Things going swimmingly

Today’s picture is of a very chubby baby siskin. The morning was cloudy with a hint of sun but the northerly winds were back so it was decidedly chilly for the time of year.  Dropscone arrived and we had another pedal where I peeled off after a while and left him to get on withContinue reading “Things going swimmingly”

Short back and sides

Today’s picture shows Zagreb Catholic Cathedral with the builders in.  Needless to say, it is from my sister Susan’s travels. It was like old times here today as Dropscone appeared at 9 a.m. and we set off on a morning pedal.  Sadly, it wasn’t quite the real thing as I turned back after five milesContinue reading “Short back and sides”

Crosswort puzzle solved

Today’s picture picture shows my brother Andrew framed by wisteria at Basildon Park on a recent trip with my sister Susan. There may be floods and gales elsewhere in the country but we had a pleasantly warm day to day with only one rain shower to mar it.  Dropscone was not golfing so kindly agreedContinue reading “Crosswort puzzle solved”

Balancing the books

Today’s picture is of an avocet photographed by my brother Andrew on one of his excursions last month.  It was near Liverpool I think. There was no sun in the morning and the occasional drop of rain was to be felt but it was pleasantly warm as the cold north easterly winds had gone.  ThisContinue reading “Balancing the books”