Webbed feet

Today’s picture is of a drumstick primula which I first photographed a week or so ago and which is now almost fully out. It was pleasantly warm for April this morning and as there was only a light drizzle, Dropscone and I set out for the morning run in good heart. I had the slowContinue reading “Webbed feet”

A Pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture is from my sister Mary. It was taken at Kew. The temperature was back down to normal April levels so it was on with the woolly hat and the thick gloves when Dropscone came round for the morning cycle ride. It was a bright and breezy day but for once the wind seemedContinue reading “A Pedal and a tootle”

Last of the summer whine

Today’s picture from my sister Mary shows Regent’s Park in London looking very fine. It was the last day of our mini summer today. From tomorrow, temperatures are going to drop and we will get the more seasonally appropriate rain and wind. All the same, these three lovely days will linger in the memory toContinue reading “Last of the summer whine”

Rained off

Today’s flower is another bergania. They spring unnoticed from beneath cabbage like leaves. We were greeted by howling wind and lashing rain when we woke and after a brief telephone consultation, Dropscone and I wisely decided that the day was not suitable for the morning cycle. As a result I spent some time after breakfastContinue reading “Rained off”

The last day of sunshine

Today’s picture is of a bergania which has just come into bloom. The day dawned with one of those mists that promise a lovely day when they clear. It was still misty and decidedly chilly when Dropscone and I set off on the morning cycle ride but by the time that we had finished, itContinue reading “The last day of sunshine”

Glorious sunshine

Today’s picture is of one of the remaining chaffinches enjoying a sunflower seed in the warm evening sunshine Today’s blog is rather picture heavy but not too many birds from the garden. Bruce, a great railway enthusiast read yesterday’s blog and sent me two pictures from years gone by to match the places that MrsContinue reading “Glorious sunshine”

A pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture was taken on a recent walk on Whita Hill by my tootling friend Susan. It certainly has that romantic air which the landscape painters loved. The day started with a ride round the morning run with Dropscone. He has got a heart monitor after reading an article on getting fit in a magazineContinue reading “A pedal and a tootle”