Round and round

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan, is of my sister Mary. Nice weather in London too. After the excitement of our trip to the Lake District, we had a rather humdrum day to day. In the morning, I set off to do a gentle circuit of the morning route, trying not toContinue reading “Round and round”

Another pedal, another tootle

Today’s picture is yet another tulip. I can’t help it. Although we are still waiting for some rain, the weather took a more suitable turn for April today with a brisk and rather chilly wind. We said goodbye to our B & B guest who was cycling to Land’s End. He has been enjoying aContinue reading “Another pedal, another tootle”

Sick visiting

Today’s picture is one that I took yesterday on my walk and forgot to put in. It is of the tips of a conifer of some sort on the Castleholm. Dropscone, who is more adventurous than me, suggested that instead of our usual morning route we should go to Longtown and visit his flattened bikeContinue reading “Sick visiting”

A very quiet day

Today’s picture is from Dropscone. This is his cherry tree. Dropscone has not been discouraged by the savage attack on his bicycle and he presented himself punctually for the morning cycle ride. Because of the rather expensive sounding noises coming from my speedy bike, I got out the slow bike in the vain hope ofContinue reading “A very quiet day”

Another day, another hundred

Today’s picture is two pictures, contributed by my sister Mary, from the South Bank in London where, stealing an idea from Paris, they have created a beach… …and added some beach huts too. The day was forecast to be foggy and still and, once again, the forecast was right. It was sunny in our gardenContinue reading “Another day, another hundred”

Lying down

Today’s picture, taken by Dropscone, shows Arthur beaming with pride at Langholm’s answer to Augusta. Arthur regards the Langholm golf course as his garden. Another boringly fine day dawned and in the absence of Dropscone, who was taking his bent bike down to the repair shop, I pedalled round the morning run in lonely splendour.Continue reading “Lying down”

Webbed feet

Today’s picture is of a drumstick primula which I first photographed a week or so ago and which is now almost fully out. It was pleasantly warm for April this morning and as there was only a light drizzle, Dropscone and I set out for the morning run in good heart. I had the slowContinue reading “Webbed feet”

A Pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture is from my sister Mary. It was taken at Kew. The temperature was back down to normal April levels so it was on with the woolly hat and the thick gloves when Dropscone came round for the morning cycle ride. It was a bright and breezy day but for once the wind seemedContinue reading “A Pedal and a tootle”