A day of rust

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Hull  yesterday.  As well as Roman bakers, he saw Hull Minster. We had another dry day here today, cool and cloudy in the morning but (very) warm and sunny in the afternoon. I inspected the flowers after breakfast.  Mrs Tootlepedal doesn’t think that I haveContinue reading “A day of rust”

Well worth the wait

Today’s guest picture comes from another inveterate traveller.  My Somerset correspondent Venetia has been eyeing up some tasty chocolates in Toulouse. It was a day that would have been familiar to fans of Waiting for Godot….except that in this version, Godot finally turned up. While I was waiting for the call from the bike shopContinue reading “Well worth the wait”

Mirror, mirror on the road

Today’s guest picture is a beautiful shot of the little lake in Regents Park.  My sister Mary took it on her way to play tennis at the weekend and remarked that it looked very spring-like in spite of being partially frozen. We had another dry, chilly day here without much sun to cheer us upContinue reading “Mirror, mirror on the road”

In for a duck

Today’s guest picture comes from my flute pupil Luke’s mother, Sharon.  She drives up past the Gates of Eden to work and stopped to take this fine picture early this morning. I had hoped to see a little snow myself today as we had driven through some on our way home last night but weContinue reading “In for a duck”

Keeping myself to myself

My Somerset correspondent Venetia, who has recently been in Spain, has answered my plea for a guest picture with this fine study of a Spanish bull.  Like our pheasants, this one has been bred for sport and may well end up in a bullring. We had a day than never got warm, staying at underContinue reading “Keeping myself to myself”

A pedal and a tootle

Today’s guest picture shows one regular contributor, my brother Andrew, taken by another, my sister Mary, at the top of the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District during their recent visit.  I am grateful to them both for brightening up many a post.  Long may they continue to do so. (Other contributions are welcome tooContinue reading “A pedal and a tootle”

A blast from the past

I am glad to have another bright guest picture, this one of Regent’s Park taken by my sister Mary on her way to tennis this morning, as we had another photo unfriendly grey day here. The day turned out to be better than expected though in spite of its greyness and an unsettling start. TheContinue reading “A blast from the past”

I’ve seen better days

Today’s guest picture was taken in sunny Scarborough over Easter by my brother and makes a pleasant contrast to our own weather here today. The first of April signals the start of the six brighter months of the year between the vernal and the autumn equinoxes but but if today is a sign of theContinue reading “I’ve seen better days”

Home alone

Today’s guest picture shows a very striking bald eagle which Fiona, my Newcastle correspondent met.  I expect that she had her children with her too. Like yesterday, it was a day of sunshine and showers again today which made planning a bit of a lottery. I was busy in the morning making sour dough breadContinue reading “Home alone”

Patient transport

Today’s guest picture from Gavin shows the Devil’s Slide, a (very) unusual geological formation located in northern Utah’s Weber Canyon. My plan was to get up early and do twenty miles on the bike before coffee and the plan partially worked as I got up at my normal time and did fourteen miles.  All right,Continue reading “Patient transport”