A blast from the past

I am glad to have another bright guest picture, this one of Regent’s Park taken by my sister Mary on her way to tennis this morning, as we had another photo unfriendly grey day here. The day turned out to be better than expected though in spite of its greyness and an unsettling start. TheContinue reading “A blast from the past”

I’ve seen better days

Today’s guest picture was taken in sunny Scarborough over Easter by my brother and makes a pleasant contrast to our own weather here today. The first of April signals the start of the six brighter months of the year between the vernal and the autumn equinoxes but but if today is a sign of theContinue reading “I’ve seen better days”

Home alone

Today’s guest picture shows a very striking bald eagle which Fiona, my Newcastle correspondent met.  I expect that she had her children with her too. Like yesterday, it was a day of sunshine and showers again today which made planning a bit of a lottery. I was busy in the morning making sour dough breadContinue reading “Home alone”

Patient transport

Today’s guest picture from Gavin shows the Devil’s Slide, a (very) unusual geological formation located in northern Utah’s Weber Canyon. My plan was to get up early and do twenty miles on the bike before coffee and the plan partially worked as I got up at my normal time and did fourteen miles.  All right,Continue reading “Patient transport”

I do like to be beside the seaside

Today’s guest picture shows a popular pair of pelicans in St James Park.   My sister Mary enjoyed their company. We had another in our very welcome spell of dry days today.  We didn’t go as far as getting any sunshine but the wind was reasonably calm so mustn’t grumble.  You can’t have everything. After aContinue reading “I do like to be beside the seaside”

And now, a big hand for Imogen

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Leicester and shows the Guildhall there. The named storms keep rolling in and we are about to be visited by Imogen.  Because the jet stream has obligingly shifted a bit, Imogen is likely to pass us by and visit the south of England instead of us.  Continue reading “And now, a big hand for Imogen”

No deliverance

Today’s guest picture shows a row of gulls wondering whether it really is warm enough to swim in December.  My sister Mary saw them on a sunny evening in Regent’s Park. There was no delightful light here at any time today, though to be fair the sun did come out for ten minutes during theContinue reading “No deliverance”

The bird had flown

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia who was visiting Aldeburgh.  She took this picture of The Scallop, a  4m high sculpture by Maggi Hambling, dedicated to the memory of the composer Benjamin Britten. The piece is made up of two interlocking scallop shells, each broken, the upright shell being pierced with the words: “I hearContinue reading “The bird had flown”

Hawkeye and an unexpected scone

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by our gardening consultant Liz and shows her daughter Sara reviewing her birthday cake with commendable calm.  The lad in the background has still got a little to learn about how to wear a hat, Our clocks leapt an hour forward during the night and I adjusted toContinue reading “Hawkeye and an unexpected scone”

Day lite

Today’s guest picture is a deeply weepy  shot from Regents Park.  It was one a recent set taken there by my sister Mary. After a couple of reasonable days, the Met Office foreboding came true today and we started with a cold, grey and windy day and ended with a slightly warmer, much greyer andContinue reading “Day lite”