Top dog

Today’s picture comes from Bruce.  He took a picture of his terrier and it came out like this with (honestly) no editing.  I’ve heard of red eye but this is ridiculous. Although it was very windy when we got up, it wasn’t raining and the end wall didn’t require any mopping up which was aContinue reading “Top dog”

Hawkish behaviour

Today’s picture shows the rather brilliant moon that greeted me when I looked out of the window as I got up. It was a lovely day with little or no wind but sadly with the temperature dangling in that dangerous area around 2° which makes it seem possible to go out but also all tooContinue reading “Hawkish behaviour”

The calm after the storm

Today’s picture, sent to me by my daughter Annie, shows the London skyline at sunset. I think she said that it is Millbank  in which case it is home to, among others, the Ubuntu Project, a fine bunch of people. We went to bed with dire warnings of frost and ice and woke up toContinue reading “The calm after the storm”