A useful day (with a slight blemish)

Today’s guest picture comes from the phone of Mrs Tootlepedal and shows Matilda with her mother enjoying the beach at Portobello this morning. As you will gather, Mrs Tootlepedal left after breakfast to visit Matilda in Edinburgh and in her absence, I put a really lovely summer day to good use.  Once again it wasContinue reading “A useful day (with a slight blemish)”


Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my railway enthusiast friend Bruce who was in Edinburgh to see the maintenance  locomotive for the new Borders Railway being named after Madge Elliot. She was the leading protester against closure in 1969 and handed a petition into number 10 Downing Street in December 1968.  She failedContinue reading “Re-clouting”

A farewell meal

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s Lake District trip and shows the path to Easedale Tarn. If only I could have persuaded myself to get up at 6 o’clock when I opened my eyes to see strong sunshine outside, I would have been able to make the best of the day.  AsContinue reading “A farewell meal”

Making an effort

Today’s guest picture shows the wonderful “Trees” in the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.  It was taken by Mike Tinker on his way home from NZ. We had a very welcome day with lots of sun and no rain.  It even felt pleasantly warm if you could get out of the wind.  The down side,Continue reading “Making an effort”

Superior chauffeuring

Today’s picture was sent to me by Mary Jo from Manitoba and simply titled ‘Thug’.  I don’t know what this robin ever did to her. Our gentle robins have disappeared from the garden in recent weeks.  Whether they have gone off to nest or been eaten by one of the neighbours’ many cats that roamContinue reading “Superior chauffeuring”

Four out of four

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce’s recent tour of the north of England and shows a very uncharacteristic yellow telephone box.  It is part of Hull Telecoms, the only place in Britain which doesn’t bow the knee to British Telecom. We had another day without the fierce winds of late which was veryContinue reading “Four out of four”

Three journeys

Today’s guest picture shows a newspaper headline spotted in Hull by my friend Bruce, who is on a tour of interesting places in England.  He remarks that it is not a headline that he has seen before.  I remark that it must be hard to keep a flying goldfish in a bowl. It was aContinue reading “Three journeys”

Step one

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my neighbour Liz, who has just been on holiday in Spain, shows a handsome monument carved from an eucalyptus tree that she saw there.  The ladder gives a clue as to its height. I had time for breakfast and not much else before setting off to Dumfries InfirmaryContinue reading “Step one”

Talking pictures

Today’s guest picture is another from Dropscone who discovered this multi roundabout nightmare in Swindon when driving to a wedding there some years ago.  He came upon it while looking through his photos and thought that I might appreciate it.  I do.  It has taught me never to go to Swindon. I didn’t have anyContinue reading “Talking pictures”

Dashing off in all directions

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who was visiting the Olympic Park in east London.  It has been revamped as a public park after the Olympics.  I really liked this picture because you often see implausibly delightful realisations by architects of what their groundworks will look like but in this case, the realityContinue reading “Dashing off in all directions”