Talking pictures

Today’s guest picture is another from Dropscone who discovered this multi roundabout nightmare in Swindon when driving to a wedding there some years ago.  He came upon it while looking through his photos and thought that I might appreciate it.  I do.  It has taught me never to go to Swindon. I didn’t have anyContinue reading “Talking pictures”

Dashing off in all directions

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who was visiting the Olympic Park in east London.  It has been revamped as a public park after the Olympics.  I really liked this picture because you often see implausibly delightful realisations by architects of what their groundworks will look like but in this case, the realityContinue reading “Dashing off in all directions”

Rain stopped play

Today’s guest picture shows a spectacular display of blossom at Kenwood where my sister Mary was taking a walk. My hip was considerably better today but sadly the weather was considerably worse.  It remained mostly dry for long enough for me to go for a short pedal but the wind was so strong at timesContinue reading “Rain stopped play”

A second visit to Leith

Today’s guest picture shows the Old Manor House in Solihull High Street, photographed by my brother Andrew, whose birthday it is today, on a recent visit. Dropscone had an appointment at cycling time today so I was on my own on a dry and comparatively warm (5°C) morning.  Because there was a noticeable east windContinue reading “A second visit to Leith”


Today’s picture shows the BBC forecast for tomorrow.  I don’t think that I have ever seen one that is quite so uniform. It is very similar to today’s weather, which was also uniformly wet but which was three degrees cooler than tomorrow will be.  The townspeople are also uniformly fed up with the weather.  WeContinue reading “Uniform”

Sunshine and shadows

Today’s picture shows a very smart tram in Zagreb.  It was sent to me by my sister Susan who was there recently. We have hit a spell of much better weather and even though there was still a north easterly wind, it was wonderfully sunny and much warmer than it has been.  We had B&BContinue reading “Sunshine and shadows”