Very poor behaviour

Today’s picture, forwarded to me by my sister Susan, was taken by her friend Rachel on a trip round London.  It shows the imperial pretensions of the rich.  This used to be docklands. It was a dismal day again today.  It rained from morning to night and when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work afterContinue reading “Very poor behaviour”

Escaping the worst

Today’s picture, sent to me by Tony, shows the effect of the storm near his house in Edinburgh. Although it was windy and wet enough to blow water through our end wall yet again (boohoo!) we escaped the worst of the forecast gales and just had to put up with a very windy day withContinue reading “Escaping the worst”

Looking at Langholm

Today’s picture shows a goldfinch enjoying the morning sunshine. You can see the brisk breeze ruffling his feathers. We got up very early as Mrs Tootlepedal was going on an embroiderers’ outing to Harrogate and were sad to find that the fireplace was damp after the rain and wind of yesterday.  The leak through theContinue reading “Looking at Langholm”

The morning after and the day before

Today’s picture comes from my brother Andrew in New Zealand. He was able to sneak up behind a Takahe without it hearing him at first, and snap it before it took itself off.   It is a flightless bird, endemic to NZ, assumed to be extinct until rediscovered in remote mountains in1948. After breakfast, I tookContinue reading “The morning after and the day before”

I couldn’t resist it.

Today’s picture, sent to me by my daughter Annie, shows the sort of visitors bird feeders get in London. The first view from the bedroom window this morning was delightful but had a definite drawback  from a cycling point of view. That changed my plan for the day and I went along to John’s shopContinue reading “I couldn’t resist it.”

If you thought that there were too many bird pictures yesterday….

Today’s picture shows the ruptured rim of the front wheel of my speedy bike. This is the third wheel that has broken in this fashion since I got the bike.  I don’t know what is causing it but the very potholed roads round here might have something to do with it.  I discovered it yesterdayContinue reading “If you thought that there were too many bird pictures yesterday….”

Head down

Today’s picture is another in the series from my sister Mary’s wanderings in and around London.  Here she is in sight of St Paul’s Cathedral. It was wet once again in the morning but Dropscone was in no state to pedal as he was visiting a physiotherapist in the afternoon so we settled on coffee. Continue reading “Head down”

New visitor and a great show

Today’s picture is another of my sister Mary’s from a recent walk. I had a day of rest today after the exertions of the last two days and my morning was brightened by the arrival of Dropscone and Arthur for a cup of coffee. Dropscone’s leg is improving and he arrived by bike which isContinue reading “New visitor and a great show”

A bridge far enough

I have been sent several photos for photo of the day which is very nice. This one, sent to me by Dropscone, was taken locally by his daughter Susan on one of her walks. It’s got a lot of layers in it. The forecast was good and the wind was light. Everything pointed to aContinue reading “A bridge far enough”

Brunch in the city

Today’s picture shows a fine iron bridge over the Kelvin in Glasgow. The chief business of the day was a trip to Glasgow to take Alistair and Clare home and see the new kitchen and bathroom in their flat. We started with a visit to our local bottle bank. The drive to Glasgow was uneventfulContinue reading “Brunch in the city”