A song and a smile

Today’s guest picture from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia, shows what is going on on the street….or to be more accurate, a sunset in the churchyard in the village of Street in Somerset. I felt rather weedy in the morning with very little get up and go in evidence and as a result when Mrs TootlepedalContinue reading “A song and a smile”

Over the hill

The guest picture of the day was sent to me by my older son, Tony.  He was much impressed by this robot lawn mower mowing a public space in Edinburgh.  I was too so although it is not the sharpest photo, I have used it. We had another day of incessant sunshine and I wasContinue reading “Over the hill”

A bonus pedal

Today’s guest picture, sent by Dropscone, shows how the greenkeeping staff at a prestigious golf course still use traditional methods for preparing the ground.  The only thing lacking is that they should have their trouser legs tied up with string. I had thought of offering to go with Sandy to help fill the Moorland feedersContinue reading “A bonus pedal”

Filling a day

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone and shows an inhabitant of the falconry at Dunrobin Castle.  The picture was taken by his daughter Susan on their recent holiday in the north. In spite of the continued dry spell, we are getting a bit short of sunshine and there was only the merestContinue reading “Filling a day”

Slight miscalculation

I had occasion to give my friend Sue a ring today but she didn’t answer her phone.  It turned out, as you can see from today’s guest picture, that she was picking chanterelles for her tea at an intensive fungus weekend in the Lake District.  Some people have all the fun. The reason that IContinue reading “Slight miscalculation”


Today’s guest picture shows Christmas fun in Derby.  My brother Andrew, who took the picture, tells me that he has resisted the temptations of the helter skelter so far.  It was my favourite when I was young. While it was still quite windy, we at least had a day without rain today.  As we wereContinue reading “Disappointment”

Review of the year delayed

Today’s guest picture shows that it isn’t raining everywhere.  It is another in our series of exiled grandchildren of Langholmites and shows one year old  Elliot,  grandchild of our neighbour Gavin, sledging in America under the eagle eye of proud father Fraser. There was no sign of snow here on midwinter day as it wasContinue reading “Review of the year delayed”

Mist, a marathon but no tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from  Edinburgh and shows Matilda, who may not be hiding quite as well as she thinks. We had a still and chilly morning so it was no surprise to find some mist about. Mrs Tootlepedal, in her restless search for entertainment, went off to the church choir annual social and coffeeContinue reading “Mist, a marathon but no tootle”

More of the same

Today’s guest picture comes from Fiona, my Newcastle correspondent, who is married to a Dutchman.  It shows the rainbow cake she baked for the coming of Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) to the house on 5th December.  We could have done with a bit of that brightness here as we had another grey and very windy dayContinue reading “More of the same”

A day well spent

Today’s guest picture reveals that diver Tony was swimming with sharks in the aquarium at Queensferry near Edinburgh.   He tells me that he thoroughly enjoyed it and will not miss his left foot at all*. We had a rare day of calm and pleasant weather today.  I perhaps should have spent more of it cyclingContinue reading “A day well spent”