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Today’s guest picture shows Chiswick House, a fine Palladian villa (shorn of its wings after some damage during the Second World War).  It was visited by my sister Mary on her family visit to Hogarth’s house nearby.

Chiswick House

We were promised very strong winds and heavy rain today and the weather gods did not let us down.  The wind was strong enough to blow the rain through the end wall of the house again, which was a bit annoying and we will just have to hope that the chap who is looking into it for us can come up with some good ideas.  We are not holding our breath though.

The weather put paid to any ideas of going for a pedal or a walk or even trying to photograph any birds.  I only took two pictures through the kitchen window all day.


I don’t think he was enjoying the rain much either.

I did try to take a picture to show the strength of the wind but unless something actually blows over it is hard to convey what it is like.



This doesn’t really do it but it was my best effort.

I was feeling rather tired for some reason so I was quite grateful for an excuse to dawdle about daydreaming.

Luckily, by the time that we had to go to Carlisle for our Sunday choir, the rain took a short break so after a quick frog check…


…we set off and although I had to hold onto the steering wheel with a firm grip to avoid being blown off the road, the trip was otherwise quite uneventful.   The practice was excellent and given the care that our director takes to make sure we are learning the pieces properly, I feel my singing can only get better, admittedly having started at a very low base.

We got there a bit early today and I had a chance to snatch a photograph of the cream of the alto section.


You can see how pleased they were to have their picture taken.

The wind had dropped for our journey home so the day ended on a generally satisfactory note.

A very blurred flying chaffinch was the best that I could do in the wind and rain.

flying chaffinch




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