A step back

Today’s guest picture, which comes from my Newcastle correspondent, shows her two children sitting on top of an old coal mine at Weetslade.  She tells me that you can enjoy nature here while watching planes landing and taking off and trains speeding by at the same time.  Paradise. After yesterday’s optimism, I was back toContinue reading “A step back”

To the point

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my sister Mary, shows my daughter Annie in the act of taking yesterday’s guest picture at Kew gardens.  Self referential or what? The day started with Mrs Tootlepedal getting up at crack of dawn to visit the world’s greatest baby in Edinburgh.  Matilda was very pleased to seeContinue reading “To the point”

A small piece of Langholm’s Great Day

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my neighbour Gavin, shows his granddaughter Ellie, who is visiting from California, with the crown which is carried in the Common Riding procession.  Some of our roses are in there. It was the Common Riding, Langholm’s Great Day, today and the sun shone on the crowded streets asContinue reading “A small piece of Langholm’s Great Day”

Little progress

There is no guest picture today and a very short post because the pain in my hip is stubbornly reluctant to ease off and I spent almost all day sitting in the only chair that was at all comfortable, hoping that things would get better. Having had long term back problems, I have many exercisesContinue reading “Little progress”

We’re having a heat wave

Today’s guest picture is of a guest, not by a guest.  It was actually taken by me and shows Anne, who took yesterday’s guest picture of the hummingbird hawkmoth, chatting to Mrs Tootlepedal over the garden hedge about the excitement of the sighting. After the energetic activity of the last two days, I rose lateContinue reading “We’re having a heat wave”

Good timing

Today’s picture is another view from London.  This time it shows autumn in Kenwood as seen by my sister Mary. The forecast for today followed a familiar pattern.  It promised reasonable weather if you got up early and got out promptly followed by progressively wetter and windier weather for the rest of the daylight hours.Continue reading “Good timing”

A blip (I hope)

Today’s picture shows my three older sisters, my younger brother and my step mother all having a really good time at my sister Mary’s birthday meal in my absence.  600 miles was just too far to go for lunch. The recent spell of good weather hit the buffers with a juddering shock today and weContinue reading “A blip (I hope)”

Light headed

Today’s picture was taken on the hill above the town by my recorder playing friend Susan. It was a quiet, grey morning and still quite warm.  I had to go to the health centre after breakfast for a regular check up and when I got home, I had time for a quick walk round theContinue reading “Light headed”

A proper Monday with a pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture, taken by my brother, shows my sister in law Catherine looking very regal in front of Frogmore House, a royal residence in Windsor. The day started as it should with the arrival of Dropscone and a pedal round the morning run. There was a noticeable west wind blowing today which we like, asContinue reading “A proper Monday with a pedal and a tootle”

Listening to my ankle

Today’s picture, taken by my brother Andrew, shows the oddly named and oddly shaped hill, Thorpe Cloud I had hoped to test drive my new cycling glasses today and after a good night’s sleep,  the weather was pleasant enough to have made this a possibility but, for once, good sense came into the picture.  GoodContinue reading “Listening to my ankle”