Brotherly love

In response to a flood of (at least two) requests, today’s picture is a set of Dropscone’s treacle scones beside the ingredients.  The recipe is below. Recipe: 1 and a half cups of self raising flour. Pinch of salt if required Half cup of milk (your choice, full or skimmed) 2 spoons of treacle, infuseContinue reading “Brotherly love”

More signs of spring

Today’s picture is another from Bruce’s visit to York.  It shows the Minster looming through the almost leafless trees. I don’t know whether it was the 30 mile an hour winds or the threat of rain that made me think twice about cycling but which ever it was, it was effective and I retired backContinue reading “More signs of spring”

Down in the dump

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary, taken on the recent Scottish tour.  It shows that the sun was shining not so long ago. It was raining heavily this morning and Dropscone and I decided that cycling was not on the menu.  The kitchen made more progress with a flying visit from the electricianContinue reading “Down in the dump”

Another sunny day

Today’s picture shows a clump of phlox in the garden at their best in the strong sunshine. Strong sunshine was not in short supply today.   It was there in the morning and it was there in the afternoon and it was still there in the evening.  We are making the most of it because theContinue reading “Another sunny day”

Gently does it

Today’s picture shows the Kangoo getting a little tender care from a team of highly trained experts. The good weather continued but the surprise intervention of good sense prevented me from setting my recovery back by going out for another long ride….and the fact that I had to be around for the arrival of theContinue reading “Gently does it”

Hard to swallow

Today’s picture, from one of my sister Mary’s walks, shows the Olympic rings on Tower bridge in London. It was another wet morning and my joints were sore anyway so I wasn’t too upset at not going on the morning cycle ride.   Mrs Tootlepedal had said that she would use the top dressing that weContinue reading “Hard to swallow”

Things going swimmingly

Today’s picture is of a very chubby baby siskin. The morning was cloudy with a hint of sun but the northerly winds were back so it was decidedly chilly for the time of year.  Dropscone arrived and we had another pedal where I peeled off after a while and left him to get on withContinue reading “Things going swimmingly”

I do like to be beside the seaside

As a memory of the country I have temporarily left behind me, today’s picture is of a monument overlooking Lilliardsedge golf in the borders course where Dropscone was playing in a competition. It was yet another hot and sunny day here and I celebrated this by cycling very slowly up the steep hill to theContinue reading “I do like to be beside the seaside”


Today’s picture is the first appearance of a Welsh poppy this year. The forecast three days of gales and rain have turned out to be a very damp squib and today was another sunny day by and large, though there were one or two short showers including some pinging hail in the afternoon. With theContinue reading “Hatched”

Swallowing hard

Today’s picture comes from a London park, walked through by my sister Mary last month. It rained all night last night and then, just to show that there was no mistake, it rained all day to day.  They say that it is going to rain all day tomorrow too.  I know that we have hadContinue reading “Swallowing hard”