Inflated expectations

Today’s guest picture comes from Mrs Tootlepedal. She cycled up to the tree nursery today and took a picture just to show that she had got there. The seedlings are in winter mode now. We had a much better day of weather here today, with no clouds sitting on the town. It didn’t go soContinue reading “Inflated expectations”

A walk in the park

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She saw a proud parent in Golders Hill Park.  It seems very early in the year to me to be seeing ducklings (or perhaps goslings, I am not sure). The new railway timetables for travel to Edinburgh from Lockerbie have affected us considerably.  Because we now haveContinue reading “A walk in the park”

Rolled up trouser leg

Today’s guest picture comes from Bruce’s holiday on Arran.  He saw not only good views but some mighty fine rose hips. A brief report today as we have had another long day in Edinburgh.  This time we were visiting Matilda and her parents and we caught an early train and walked up Cockburn Street fromContinue reading “Rolled up trouser leg”

Hard work

Today’s guest picture shows a smart locomotive seen by Dropscone, who is visiting friends on the continent. After two sunny days, it was too much to hope for another one and we duly got a dull, occasionally drizzly but still very warm day for the time of year. After wasting two good mowing days byContinue reading “Hard work”

Beside the sea

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce who was checking the time by the floral clock in Princes Street gardens in Edinburgh yesterday. After quite a hard day yesterday, I thought that I ought to take it easy today but another miscalculation led to me taking over 170 pictures so I apologise in advanceContinue reading “Beside the sea”

The Falkirk Wheel

I am posting three times today to catch up with our outing of yesterday so I apologise for taxing the patience of readers beyond the usual.  The reason for the triple post is that we took our daughter to see two very interesting sites in central Scotland as well as visiting her two brothers whileContinue reading “The Falkirk Wheel”

A final fling

Today’s guest picture shows fungus on Hampstead Heath in London and was sent to my daughter by her friend Claudia with the note that I might find it interesting.  She was right. The day started with a successful attempt to get my cycling mileage up to my target for the year of 5000 miles.  AContinue reading “A final fling”

Castle Loch

Today’s guest picture shows a typically British summer seaside view.  It was taken at Hastings by my sister Mary, who blames the strong and chilly wind for the absence of fun lovers. My day started with a gentle 28 mile cycle ride with the minister, Scott.  After the very hilly ride of last Wednesday, weContinue reading “Castle Loch”

From dawn till dusk (nearly)

Busy people warning:  long post with far too many pictures. Today’s picture is of poor quality but shows the arrival in our garden of the first bee of the year.  Hooray. Here’s to many more we hope. As well as the bee, we also had a visit from bird ringing expert, Cat Barlow who arrivedContinue reading “From dawn till dusk (nearly)”