An unexpected suggestion

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony and makes the point that we are not the only ones with buddleias and butterflies.  The painted ladies did not stop at Langholm and have continued north. As she went off to sing in the church choir this morning, Mrs Tootlepedal remarked that when seen from anContinue reading “An unexpected suggestion”

On a wild goat chase

Today’s guest picture is another sunny shot from my sister Mary.  She was walking along the Thames path when she met this wonderful view. It was only just above freezing when we woke up this morning but the upside of a cold morning at this time of year, is the clear skies that go withContinue reading “On a wild goat chase”

Two rewarding outings

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother, who was on one of his outings.  It shows the Old Bridge at Hereford across the Wye. We had a very pleasant day here today with lots of sunshine but with a wind just brisk enough to make me think of several reasons why going cycling might notContinue reading “Two rewarding outings”

A gentle day

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who is currently enjoying the bracing sea side at Scarborough. We had quite a bright and pleasant morning, very calm and a few degrees above freezing, which was made better by the discovery that the water had now cleared and was I free to drink and cookContinue reading “A gentle day”

Setting out

Today’s guest picture shows my neighbour Riley.  He took his friend Liz out for a walk in the snow last weekend.  He takes the job of looking after her seriously. There was hardly any sign of any snow left today as the weather got back to being warmer, windier…. ….and wetter. It had rained allContinue reading “Setting out”

England under a cloud

Today’s guest picture is the last in the series of my sister Mary’s London park shots.  (I am now out of guest pictures and would welcome contributions from kind readers.) It was another still and misty day when I got up but there was no chance of an early pedal as I had to takeContinue reading “England under a cloud”

Hill test

Today’s guest picture is a fine mossy roof spotted by my daughter on her recent jaunt to Hampshire. The forecasters had promised us a sunny day but there was little chance of a suntan and a reasonable chance of getting wet  in the morning.  I timed my visit to our corner shop with such precisionContinue reading “Hill test”

Boxing clever

Today’s guest pictures come from my elder sisters’ Christmas visit to my younger brother.  As you can see, like all old people today, they are obsessed with technology and traditional games like charades have flown out of the window. After yesterday’s glut of eating and walking, Mrs Tootlepedal and I took things more easily todayContinue reading “Boxing clever”

A lot to see

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s recent trip to Spain.  Santillana Del Mar is a Spanish village 20 kilometres from the Bay of Biscay, which has scarcely changed from Medieval times. After the thunderstorm overnight, today was sunny and much brighter as the haze had been swept away by the rain.  It wouldContinue reading “A lot to see”

Out and about and about.

Today’s guest picture from my sister Mary rather puts the bridges over the Kirtle Water into the shade. We woke up to a proper winter’s day today, with frost on the ground and a nip in the air.  At 1°C it still wasn’t below freezing point although it was too cold for me to goContinue reading “Out and about and about.”