The calm before the storm

Today’s guest picture is an absolute stonker from my sister Susan who was on the south bank of the Thames a couple of days ago.  She liked the working river but i have cropped it to emphasise the sky. The radio and TV have been full of warnings about the coming storm.  It will beContinue reading “The calm before the storm”

On a clear day you could see quite well

Today’s picture shows my sister Susan on Mt Taranaki in New Zealand where she is visiting friends and linking up with my brother and his wife who are also there.  He sent me this picture. We were just as sunny as that today but  we were a lot colder and I had to break theContinue reading “On a clear day you could see quite well”


Today’s picture, taken today on a rare sunny day in London by my sister Mary on her morning walk, shows the lake at Kenwood House.  The bridge in the background is for decorative purposes only and leads nowhere. It was a foul, wet and windy day at breakfast and I was pleased that I wasn’tContinue reading “Discrepancy”

Wireless magic

Today’s picture is another from one of my brother Andrew’s walks with his wife, Catherine.  It shows a set of stepping stones in the river Dove. He bravely walked across them. Dropscone was off visiting Glasgow but the day was fair and I had every opportunity to go for a pedal by myself.  I spurnedContinue reading “Wireless magic”

Mrs Tootlepedal gets high

Today’s picture is another from my recorder playing friend Susan.  I have taken just a part of a very striking picture looking down from above the town. Mrs Tootlepedal and I had arranged to go cycling this morning but an early telephone call put paid to that as she was called in to cover forContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal gets high”

A few puddles

The picture of the day is a puddle. Once again the forecast was gloomier than the reality although the reality was still pretty gloomy.  However, it didn’t start actually raining until after lunch but this was not much use to me as it was too wet to do anything useful in the garden and myContinue reading “A few puddles”

I saw a bird

Today’s picture shows the village of Mickleton in Gloucestershire.  My brother was visiting it by bike. It was a pleasant, if rather windy day and still on the cool side for June when Dropscone appeared for the morning pedal.  My joints were on strike so he pedalled off round the morning run while I gentlyContinue reading “I saw a bird”

Crosswort puzzle solved

Today’s picture picture shows my brother Andrew framed by wisteria at Basildon Park on a recent trip with my sister Susan. There may be floods and gales elsewhere in the country but we had a pleasantly warm day to day with only one rain shower to mar it.  Dropscone was not golfing so kindly agreedContinue reading “Crosswort puzzle solved”

A warning sign

Today’s picture is another from Dropscone’s daughter, Susan, from their recent French outing.  I imagine this is a D-Day cliff. Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir again.  Her moral tone is improving every week and she tells me she has no intention of coveting her neighbour’s ox any more, even ifContinue reading “A warning sign”

Battered sole

Today’s picture features Guthrie on his very first walkies.  He brought Bruce with him. Everyone in the town was pleased to see the sun back today after a very gloomy week.  I was considering doing some resting on my bike but the sun was accompanied by a vigorous and chilly wind so I decided thatContinue reading “Battered sole”