Today’s guest picture shows the suitably decorated head and shoulders of William Wallace.  This is a giant statue on a hillside  in the Scottish Borders.  It was taken by my friend Bruce, who was on a tour of the borders. It was a grey day today both meteorologically and spiritually.  In spite of not reallyContinue reading “Down”

Goodbye to Jean

The guest picture of the day is some splendid fungus in the garden of Zyriacus, my German correspondent.  He tells me that various pressures are turning his lovingly tended garden into a nature reserve. The main business of the day was attending our friend Jean’s funeral.  The service was held in the garden of herContinue reading “Goodbye to Jean”

Slow day

Today’s artistic guest picture was sent to me by a fellow blogger Marie who saw a guest picture from my daughter-in-law of a cruise ship in Leith and was reminded of the days when she worked in the cruise business. It shows the Swan Hellenic ship, Minerva. We had a cool and dry morning toContinue reading “Slow day”

A drop of golden sun at last

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by her mother, shows the world’s greatest baby enjoying a very short nap the other day. As is customary on a Friday. Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh to visit the world’s greatest baby and I was left to my own devices.  There was a little early morning rainContinue reading “A drop of golden sun at last”

Paying the price

Today’s guest picture comes from my restless friend Bruce, who is currently sampling café life in Tallinn in Estonia. As is customary on a Friday, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to visit the world’s greatest baby and as she takes the car for the first part of the journey, I was left to cycle up toContinue reading “Paying the price”

No point

Today’s guest picture is a view of a bridge over the Elbe in Dresden taken by my brother on his trip there earlier this month. We were promised a fine start but with dire warnings of heavy rain to follow so Dropscone and I were pleased to get a sunny spell for our morning run. Continue reading “No point”

Jam today

Today’s guest picture shows a view of the Elbe from the TGV between Prague and Dresden as seen by my brother and his wife on their travels last week. After two long trips over the last two days, I only had four short trips today. The first trip was  by car up to the MoorlandContinue reading “Jam today”

Unexpected treat

Today’s guest picture is from another visit earlier this month to mainland Europe by my brother.  This time his wife and he were in Bruges where they saw this 11th Century hospital across a canal. After an early breakfast, Mrs Tootlepedal left for Edinburgh where she lent a helping hand with Matilda.  She took aContinue reading “Unexpected treat”

Goings and comings

Today’s guest picture shows a bird in the hand.  Our neighbour Gavin found it actually in his house.  In spite of a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush, he let it go. It was a perfect day for cycling and had I got up early, I could have enjoyed a splendidContinue reading “Goings and comings”

Dashing off in all directions

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who was visiting the Olympic Park in east London.  It has been revamped as a public park after the Olympics.  I really liked this picture because you often see implausibly delightful realisations by architects of what their groundworks will look like but in this case, the realityContinue reading “Dashing off in all directions”