Yet more rain and another wet walk

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. It is a riposte to Mary’s painted swan picture yesterday. It was seen in a shop window. The forecast was for a really horrible day so I was quite pleased that was merely a nasty wet day with some dry spells. Mrs Tootlepedal wasn’t pleased at all,Continue reading “Yet more rain and another wet walk”

No pedal but at least a tootle or two

My Somerset correspondent, Venetia was intrigued by this curious statue in Marseille on her recent visit. The weather gods are rolling on the floor laughing at their own tremendous wit as they provided yet another 100% sunny day while I am still basically confined to barracks.  My leg is steadily progressing but not enough toContinue reading “No pedal but at least a tootle or two”

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!

Today’s guest picture shows a child friendly door that took Mary Jo’s fancy on her visit to Copenhagen.  Clever marketing. We could hardly believe it when we got another warm and pleasant day today.  It made cycling to church to sing in the choir a treat and gave us every incentive to get out inContinue reading “The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!”

Pecking order

Today’s guest picture is another from our older son’s visit to Anstruther and shows that he took his friends with him. Another of the regular Moorland bird feeders was away on holiday today so I had a second opportunity this week to act as a fill-in feeder filler so I went up after breakfast toContinue reading “Pecking order”

Not quite so well timed

After yet another rather grey day, I have gone back to sunnier times for today’s guest picture.  It is from my sister Mary’s visits to Regents Park in London. It was noticeably colder today and this trend is set to continue as our weather will come from the north rather than the south in theContinue reading “Not quite so well timed”

Making the best of it

Today’s guest picture is another cheerful  contrast from San Jose to our gloomy weather.  It was sent by Gavin and shows his granddaughter and a friend in a neighbour’s lovely garden.  The drawback is that he was told that it can cost up to $200 a month to water the garden in the summer months.Continue reading “Making the best of it”

An unexpected pleasure

Today’s guest picture shows a very woolly goat spotted by my brother who was visiting  Paradise Springs near Rotarua in NZ. It was a calm day after all the rain but I didn’t manage to get organised enough to go out for a pedal.  Instead, while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the churchContinue reading “An unexpected pleasure”


Today’s guest picture comes from Mrs Tootlepedal who was visiting the world’s greatest baby in Edinburgh.  Matilda is puzzling out the convoluted constitutional matters that have arisen since the referendum. It was a breezy morning so I suggested to Dropscone, when he arrived after breakfast, that we should go round the more sheltered traditional morningContinue reading “Deflated”

Some activity at last

Today’s picture continues the record of the riotous celebrations of Mrs Tootlepedal’s birthday.  After yesterday’s birthday porridge, today we saw the official birthday cake.  No expense has been spared. Mrs Tootlepedal would like to thank all those kind commenters who wished her a happy birthday and to tell them that she did indeed have aContinue reading “Some activity at last”

A bird in the hand

Today’s picture is another from my brother’s recent visit to MadameTussauds.  Here my sister-in-law’s nephew has an audience of a sort.  He might have taken his hands out of his pocket. It was freezing hard and the sun was out when we woke up.  Dropscone was away on family business again and I had anContinue reading “A bird in the hand”