A bird in the hand

Today’s picture is from Susan’s F1 adventures and shows a fine mosque in Abu Dhabi.  The season starts again next week so she is getting quite excited.  She will be going to foreign parts again this year. The steroids gave me a better night’s sleep and I was up early to see what Cat couldContinue reading “A bird in the hand”

Nearly winter

Today’s picture is another from New Zealand,  this time from the extreme south.  It was sent to me by my brother who knows I like a gull. It was a paradoxical morning because it was pleasantly sunny and plainly frosty… …but the temperature was resolutely above zero. It was too cold to cycle, as IContinue reading “Nearly winter”

The sunlit uplands

Today’s picture is the first of many contributed by readers in an effort to avoid having to look at more pictures of me.  It shows Maisie, one of Langholm’s contributions to the future prosperity of New Zealand. Dropscone was otherwise engaged so I was left to myself to decide on a route for the morningContinue reading “The sunlit uplands”