Quite bright

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Friday orchestra, Alison and comes from her recent trip to NZ.  It shows the dawn over Nelson. We certainly had a brighter dawn here than we had yesterday and as a result, I was much cheerier all day.  Sandy came round for coffee and while weContinue reading “Quite bright”

Anything went

Today’s guest picture is a swan posing for my sister Mary by the Serpentine. It was a bright and sunny day at breakfast time but cold enough at 3 degrees C to make me grateful that Mrs Tootlepedal had to go out to help record  the newspaper for the blind while I had to stayContinue reading “Anything went”

Double figures

Today’s guest pictures was sent to me by Matilda’s father and shows the manufacture of some baby friendly (no salt, no sugar) drop scones.  He says that they went down well.  It is good to see the younger generation being introduced to the finer things of life. We were blessed with a very nice midContinue reading “Double figures”

Song cycle

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my friend Bruce, shows his grandson and his dog sharing the dog’s bed.  The dog is in two minds about this. On a perfect winter Sunday, I would leap out of bed, have an early breakfast,  cycle fifty miles and then go to our choir in Carlisle. ThisContinue reading “Song cycle”

Back again

Today’s picture shows the sort of thing you can expect to see if you are cycling in Texel in the Netherlands.  Fiona, my Newcastle correspondent, was there on holiday.  The power is being provided by Hannah. Dropscone and I had a pedal too but not on a tandem.  To avoid the danger of racing ourContinue reading “Back again”

The white stuff

Today’s picture is the view from our window in the afternoon. It had started snowing overnight and it snowed steadily until there was a three inch layer on the lawn by three o’clock in the afternoon.  Then the snow turned to rain and as I write this at nine o’clock, the rain is still comingContinue reading “The white stuff”

Puff, whizz, puff, whizz, puff, whizz, coffee.

Today’s picture is from stock as I have not received any recent offerings from friend or family….or if I have, I can’t find them. After another night of rain, the day dawned remarkably pleasantly and being forewarned by an accurate forecast,  I rose promptly and got out the slower bike straight after breakfast.   ThereContinue reading “Puff, whizz, puff, whizz, puff, whizz, coffee.”

Taking the long view

Today’s picture shows a fox at lunch time in an Edinburgh garden and was taken by my son Tony. It was an untypical April day today as it was sunny all day and there were no showers.   On the debit side it was frosty in the morning and only 5° C when Dropscone andContinue reading “Taking the long view”

Roaming about

Today’s picture shows a chasm on  Eyemouth golf course which Dropscone visited yesterday.  You have to hit across it from left to right and since I have a fear of heights, I have always played the shot with my eyes shut (which didn’t help me score well). Our weather here is conforming to the AprilContinue reading “Roaming about”

Minute improvement

Today’s picture shows the first wallflower to raise its head for this year. It was another grey, windy day but once again Dropscone arrived promptly for the morning pedal and we made it round without any unusual excitement and pleasingly, in a minute less than we did yesterday.  Any improvement is welcome.  There were noContinue reading “Minute improvement”