All change again

Today’s picture shows a slightly uninviting opportunity to sit outside a pub on the river in Barnes.  My daughter Annie sent it and tells me that she didn’t sit out today.  Wimp. We had another day of mixed weather, starting with this… …but changing into this as the day went on. I went across theContinue reading “All change again”

Will this fine weather never end?

Today’s picture shows a Zulu dancer and his group who were performing in Langholm today.  Not the sort of thing we see every day. The Zulu group rounded off a very good day indeed. The day started, as usual on the first Saturday of a month, with a visit to our local producers’ market whereContinue reading “Will this fine weather never end?”

Two pedals and a toddle

Today’s picture came to mind when Dropscone and I were drinking a plain cup of black coffee from simple tea cups.  They do these things differently in France as this picture from his recent holiday shows. We had yet another dry day today and although it was still hovering only just above zero when weContinue reading “Two pedals and a toddle”

The unexpected scone (et Le Tour des Eglises)

Today’s picture shows a pair of charming twins enjoying some sunshine on a morning outing. I was enjoying the same sunshine on a morning walk of my own.  At 2° it was a touch too chilly to cycle so I decided to enjoy the fresh air of a wonderful morning while Mrs Tootlepedal went toContinue reading “The unexpected scone (et Le Tour des Eglises)”


Today’s picture shows the view from my window as I rose in the morning. When I went downstairs, I took a reading from the scientifically accurate snow depth gauge… .. the snow was that deep. The conditions certainly encouraged the birds to get stuck and three feederfuls of seed had disappeared by lunchtime. Some birdsContinue reading “Wons”


Today’s picture, taken today on a rare sunny day in London by my sister Mary on her morning walk, shows the lake at Kenwood House.  The bridge in the background is for decorative purposes only and leads nowhere. It was a foul, wet and windy day at breakfast and I was pleased that I wasn’tContinue reading “Discrepancy”

Two windows of opportunity

Today’s picture shows a very nifty hat which Mrs Tootlepedal has just knitted for herself following a pattern sent to her by our daughter.  The colours come at random  from the multicoloured wool she used. Once again, there was a dry and almost sunny interval when time for the morning pedal came round.  Unfortunately theContinue reading “Two windows of opportunity”

Early to bed

Today’s picture shows the scene in our garden at breakfast time. It continued to snow until Dropscone arrived with treacle scone when it more or less stopped.   Very few birds were prepared to brave the snow and a lonely blackbird was the first to arrive. A goldfinch came next and seemed to hang onContinue reading “Early to bed”

Miserable day

Today’s picture shows a bridge over a local brook crossed by my brother on a recent walk near Banbury. It was snowing when we woke up this morning but it was insubstantial stuff and although it persisted for an hour or two, it disappeared from the ground as quickly as it had come.  The snowContinue reading “Miserable day”

Far from a rolling stone

Today’s picture, which was taken by Bruce this morning, shows the results of all our rain and wind as a tree blocks a riverside walk and baffles his dog. Bruce dropped in on his way home to tell me that he had seen a man dragging a sack across a field.  This led us toContinue reading “Far from a rolling stone”