Not as bad as it might have been

Today’s guest picture, sent by my son Tony to annoy us, shows his villa as seen from the beach as he and Marianne enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine on a short holiday. A look on the Met Office website this morning showed that the ‘feels like’ factor here was 7°C but even that felt generous asContinue reading “Not as bad as it might have been”

A familiar pattern

I was sent two guest pictures by my daughter, Annie and I liked them so much that I have put them both in.  She spotted a squirrel cavorting on her lawn in London.  Nice shooting. As I was finishing off yesterday’s post rather late at night because of the visit to Carlisle to play recorders,Continue reading “A familiar pattern”

Heavy breathing

Today’s guest pictures, sent to me by Bruce, shows some of the inhabitants of Gilnockie who haven’t decided how they are going to vote in the forthcoming general election. It was hard to know who or what to blame.  Was it the dry spell making for dusty conditions, was it the flowers in the gardenContinue reading “Heavy breathing”

Life in the slow lane

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia who is very proud of her pond’s first crop of tadpoles.  She sent me a video of them wriggling  but I thought it would be too exciting for the readers. After yesterday’s busy day, I took things quietly today.  I was helped by a very windy day which discouragedContinue reading “Life in the slow lane”

Gone to pot

Today’s guest picture from my sister Mary shows Mr Grumpy’s London relative in Regent’s Park. Today’s chapter of the great end wall saga started well with the early arrival of the chimney pot removal gang and progressed smoothly with the actual removal of the aforesaid pot. While this was happening, I made some ginger biscuitsContinue reading “Gone to pot”

A walk and a tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone, who had to put up with a day without electricity yesterday as men put in a new and improved supply to his area of the town. We had a relatively warm (7°C) but very grey day with a tendency towards drizzle which discouraged any inclination to go for aContinue reading “A walk and a tootle”

Getting the last mile or two out of the knee

Today’s guest picture features Bob.  He was captured by Liz, the clarinet playing daughter of veteran pennyfarthing cyclist Mike.  She has dug a camera out and is finding out about the settings.  She is doing pretty well so far in my view. We woke to another grey day but it was brightened by Mrs Tootlepedal’sContinue reading “Getting the last mile or two out of the knee”

Ever increasing circles

Today’s guest picture shows a most unusual gardener who was at work in Regent’s Park as my sister Mary walked by. My day started with double fun at the health centre where a novice vampire took a little blood from me and a kindly lady stabbed me in the shoulder.  With my blood test completeContinue reading “Ever increasing circles”

Peering about

Today’s guest picture was given by Wattie to Gavin and then Gavin forwarded it to me.  It shows Wattie’s big tattie.  There will be quite a few chips made out of that when it’s cooked. The day started rather disappointingly for me although it looked very promising.  It was another fine, dry day with lightContinue reading “Peering about”

An eponymous day

Today’s guest picture, especially for people of a certain age, shows the Ferry across the Mersey.  It was taken by my brother Andrew. The gales of yesterday had abated by this morning and there was some welcome sunshine too.  In spite of dire warnings of icy conditions, it was a mellow 6°C so Dropscone andContinue reading “An eponymous day”