On the trail of the lonesome pine

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, shows two pelicans reading an information board to find out what species they are. The wind had dropped, the sun had come out…and it was below zero so the morning pedal was postponed for an hour.  By 10 o’clock the temperature had crept up to 3 degrees and weContinue reading “On the trail of the lonesome pine”

Team effort

Today’s picture, sent by Dropscone who was golfing at Innerleithen, shows what I think is a common newt, though my guide to newts says that the common newt is far from common any more. Because Dropscone was off golfing, I gave the morning ride a miss and devoted myself to useful tasks (after a leisurelyContinue reading “Team effort”

Going cuckoo

Today’s picture is of Mrs Tootlepedal’s favourite plant, an alium It was another ‘not a cloud in the sky’ day today. Because we were due to play golf later on, Dropscone and I set off at 8.30am for the morning pedal and the early temperature of 5º meant returning to some winter wear in spiteContinue reading “Going cuckoo”

I saw a cloud

Today’s picture is of a cloud in the sky, a very rare thing round here. There was a moment today when the sun actually didn’t shine but it quickly passed. We are threatened or promised a depression and some rain on Thursday and it will be much needed. The farmers are worried about their springContinue reading “I saw a cloud”

Another day, another hundred

Today’s picture is two pictures, contributed by my sister Mary, from the South Bank in London where, stealing an idea from Paris, they have created a beach… …and added some beach huts too. The day was forecast to be foggy and still and, once again, the forecast was right. It was sunny in our gardenContinue reading “Another day, another hundred”

Goodbye to all that

Today’s picture is from Dropscone. He says that his garden is full of these beautiful flowers. Another dull day but fine for cycling so Dropscone and I went off on the regular morning pedal. After five miles, disaster struck Dropscone in the form of a puncture. I had a spare tube and although it wasContinue reading “Goodbye to all that”