Perfect timing

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew. He and my sister Mary visited Greenwich Park yesterday, and enjoyed this striking view from the top of the hill. Following my policy of taking things easily until I am back to full working order, I had a very leisurely morning today. My only exercise was aContinue reading “Perfect timing”


Today’s guest picture comes from South Africa. Langholm exile Tom tells me that they are slipping into autumn there, but in the meantime, his bottlebrush tree is going very well. A pleasantly warm spring day here greatly helped with our continuing recovery. All the same, we didn’t do a lot in the morning, although theContinue reading “Finally!”


Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone, who instead of having coffee with me yesterday, played golf. He tells me that his form was like the weather, rather patchy. Still the view from Langholm Golf Course is always good, no matter how indifferent the golf is. After a slightly better night, we settled for an extremelyContinue reading “Progress”

A trouble shared is a trouble doubled as it turns out.

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony. He met a lot of traffic as he left East Wemyss for work this morning. Neither of us here was much better this morning, and Mrs Tootlepedal spent most of another day in bed. I was able to get up and fill the bird feeder, which wasContinue reading “A trouble shared is a trouble doubled as it turns out.”

Onegesius makes a brief appearance

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who recently added to his fine swan gallery. It wasn’t freezing this morning but the recent run of chilly nights had been too much for our long suffering magnolia. It was a very sad sight. Mrs Tootlepedal was slightly better this morning, probably because she had managedContinue reading “Onegesius makes a brief appearance”

Fooled by the forecast

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. I said that she had seen azaleas at Kenwood in yesterday’s post but I wasn’t paying attention. She had visited the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, where she also saw this pretty stream. Mrs Tootlepedal had put the trail camera out overnight, and when we checked inContinue reading “Fooled by the forecast”

A testing pedal and an enjoyable tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She went on azalea hunt and found this fine display at Richmond. We had another beautifully sunny morning here, but as there was also a very brisk easterly wind blowing, it was far from T-shirt weather when we cycled up to the tree nursery at Cronksbank afterContinue reading “A testing pedal and an enjoyable tootle”

Sunshine, a scone and a stroll

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony in East Wemyss. It is an early morning impressionistic study of Mr Grumpy’s cousin watching the sun come up today. The sun came up here too, and it stayed up all day. Once again, a brisk wind ensured that we didn’t get overheated, and Dropscone wore warmContinue reading “Sunshine, a scone and a stroll”

A spring in my step

Today’s guest picture comes from my camera club friend Stan. He has got some very good pictures of the otter at Skippers Bridge which is getting us all excited. He has kindly let me use one here. It was a day of two halves, except as far as the weather went, where it was fineContinue reading “A spring in my step”

A domestic day

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She looked out of her window recently and found a visitor doing some sunbathing in her garden. We had another dry day here today, not quite warm enough to sit outside to have coffee with Margaret in the morning, but warm enough by noon for the gardenersContinue reading “A domestic day”