Wrong then right

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan who is having a short break in Chichester with my sister Mary. They couldn’t help noticing the cathedral. The weather here was variable once again. I got up early intending to go cycling before breakfast but it was raining. I fortified myself with porridge and a bananaContinue reading “Wrong then right”

2021 100% sunny so far

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. A week or so ago, before the current London lockdown, she went down to the river and took this view of the access to the new footbridge across the Thames. The most remarkable thing about the picture is the almost complete absence of any people on aContinue reading “2021 100% sunny so far”

Up and about

Today’s guest picture is another from Dropscone’s Northumbrian holiday.  It shows his daughter and granddaughter on their way to visit the castle on Holy island. It was sunny here, the wind had dropped, the cattle had been taken off Meikleholm Hill, and it was a perfect day for a walk up a hill.  So IContinue reading “Up and about”

Hard to imagine a better day

Today’s picture shows a lovely sunny day in Langholm this morning… …so needless to say, we had made a plan to leave the town as soon as possible.  This meant an early visit to the producers’ market to stock up on fish, cheese and venison mince followed by a rendezvous with Sandy at Wauchope Cottage. Continue reading “Hard to imagine a better day”

A little relief from the rain

Today’s picture, sent from Gavin, who is on a rainy walking tour in the Peak District, shows a stone circle called Arbor Low.  He says it is sometimes referred to as the Stonehenge of the north (but presumably only by people who haven’t seen Stonehenge and don’t know where the north is). It wasn’t rainingContinue reading “A little relief from the rain”

Fringe benefits

Today’s picture features a St Andrews Cross in the sky above Cumbria this afternoon. The dry, sunny but chilly weather continued today with the early morning being particularly chilly.  Luckily I had arranged to go cycling with Dropscone rather later than usual so it had warmed up a bit by then. The first order ofContinue reading “Fringe benefits”

On the trail of the lonesome pine

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, shows two pelicans reading an information board to find out what species they are. The wind had dropped, the sun had come out…and it was below zero so the morning pedal was postponed for an hour.  By 10 o’clock the temperature had crept up to 3 degrees and weContinue reading “On the trail of the lonesome pine”

Pedal, pedal, tootle

Today’s picture from my sister Mary in London shows a squirrel doing I am not quite sure what. It was another day of low cloud but, once again, warm and with light winds so ideal for a gentle therapeutic pedal.  Dropscone is back at home but was unavailable for pedalling pursuits so I went roundContinue reading “Pedal, pedal, tootle”

Not up to it

Today’s picture was going to be the first snowdrop to flower in the garden but I forgot to take the picture so here’s a standard siskin instead. The continuing mild winter weather has meant that siskins have been few and far between this year.  This is a disappointment to me because they are among myContinue reading “Not up to it”