Calm before the storm

Today’s picture was sent to me by my sister Mary.  It show Parliament Hill Fields in London.  One of the best things about London is its many green spaces. It was freezing when we woke and the snow was still on the ground so there was no question of cycling.  Mrs Tootlepedal even abandoned herContinue reading “Calm before the storm”

A tale of two herons

Today’s picture is from a recent day trip my sisters, Susan and Mary made to Paris.  It shows Mary and a friend, Gill in artistic surroundings. With regard to yesterday’s picture of minor earthquake damage in New Zealand, my brother has sent me this note:  ‘Apparently it was the worst for 20 years.  But readingContinue reading “A tale of two herons”

Looking at Langholm

Today’s picture shows a goldfinch enjoying the morning sunshine. You can see the brisk breeze ruffling his feathers. We got up very early as Mrs Tootlepedal was going on an embroiderers’ outing to Harrogate and were sad to find that the fireplace was damp after the rain and wind of yesterday.  The leak through theContinue reading “Looking at Langholm”

Tootling and pedalling again

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal in her B and B room checking her route round the gardens of England for the day. The day was perfect for cycling. The sun was shining, the wind was light and the temperature was pleasantly cool. Dropscone arrived half an hour earlier than usual and we set off onContinue reading “Tootling and pedalling again”