Hints of Autumn

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother Andrew’s recent walk on Mam Tor in the Peak District.  He chose a good day for it. The temperature has dropped quite a lot over recent days and although there has been no hint of an early frost, we are beginning to think of chilly days toContinue reading “Hints of Autumn”

A long and windy road

Today’s guest picture is another taken by my brother on his recent visit to Buttermere. It is always good to have the energy to climb up high enough to get a good view of a lake. The stormy weather continued here today with some hefty rain showers in the morning.  One of these was perfectlyContinue reading “A long and windy road”

What a shower

Today’s guest picture is another from Mary Jo in Manitoba.  She was so sympathetic towards Mrs Tootlepedal’s gingerbread problem that she sent me this picture of an absolute disaster in her breadmaker department.  She adds that she couldn’t throw it out out for the birds as it might have killed one if she had hitContinue reading “What a shower”

Puff, whizz, puff, whizz, puff, whizz, coffee.

Today’s picture is from stock as I have not received any recent offerings from friend or family….or if I have, I can’t find them. After another night of rain, the day dawned remarkably pleasantly and being forewarned by an accurate forecast,  I rose promptly and got out the slower bike straight after breakfast.   ThereContinue reading “Puff, whizz, puff, whizz, puff, whizz, coffee.”

Over the finishing line

Today’s picture shows our neighbour Guthrie enjoying life. It had snowed a little in the night and it was near zero again when we got up but it still didn’t amount to anything serious.   The present spell of cold but mainly dry weather has lasted for about 12 days and although the sun has disappearedContinue reading “Over the finishing line”

Deja Vu

Today’s picture shows a pair of camels in London Zoo spotted by my sister Mary.  They’ve got everything in London.  Even sunshine. It was back to the worst of December again with a full day of grey, miserable, unrelenting drizzle.  As someone said to me the other day, “Even a frost would make a welcomeContinue reading “Deja Vu”