Steady work

Today’s guest picture shows the Traitor’s Gate at the Tower of London.  My sister Mary took the picture while going down the river by boat for a second visit to Greenwich earlier this month. After yesterday’s picture  totally white font lawn, today was a different kettle of fish altogether. It was the kindest of winterContinue reading “Steady work”

An unexpected treat

Today’s guest picture not only comes from a guest, my son Alistair, but also shows a guest, his daughter Matilda, who has brought her parents down to Langholm for a short visit. We were making plans yesterday to go to Edinburgh to visit both our sons and their families over the New Year when ourContinue reading “An unexpected treat”

The storm before the calm

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s walk in the Dove valley earlier this month.  The famous stepping stones had been damaged by a flood and he had to resort to a bridge half a mile downstream. We woke to strong winds and heavy rain.  This was Storm Barbara making itself known.  It wasContinue reading “The storm before the calm”

We have some rain to spare if anyone wants it

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my daughter Annie.  It is a puzzle picture to see if you can work out what film festival she is currently working at.  (She was in Venice last week.) We have had a few drizzly and gloomy days recently but today was a change.  Far from drizzling,Continue reading “We have some rain to spare if anyone wants it”

Fairly calm after the storm

Today’s guest picture comes from Edward Winter, a blog reader from Sheffield who came to visit us not long ago.  He thinks that his version of Mr Grumpy is quite the equal of ours.  It is called Crazy Crane.  I don’t think it is getting enough to eat. After our hot and humid day yesterday,Continue reading “Fairly calm after the storm”

The play’s the thing

Today’s guest picture shows the marina at Willington, which was my brother’s ultimate objective on his cycle trip yesterday. A sub zero but sunny morning gave me the task of clearing the ice from the car before Mrs Tootlepedal drove off to Lockerbie to catch the train to Edinburgh to see Matilda.  One of theContinue reading “The play’s the thing”

Get up and go (but not much)

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone and shows a handy chart telling me where to get my coffee from.  He found it in a coffee shop in Bromley, Kent. I had quite a full day today with a very contrasting set of weather conditions to go with it. I had to getContinue reading “Get up and go (but not much)”

A certain lack of sparkle

Today’s guest picture comes from one of Dropscone’s walks with his new camera.  He saw this vision of sunshine through a hole in the wall about ten days ago. There was no vision of sunshine here today as yet another morning of wind and drizzle kept our spirits low. Luckily we had the writing, stampingContinue reading “A certain lack of sparkle”

Under the rainbow

Today’s guest picture is the last from Tom’s wild life adventures in South Africa. We had another late start today but it didn’t matter much because it was miserable, wet and nasty morning, not fit for anything other than sitting over the breakfast table and doing the crossword.  We managed to get breakfast finished inContinue reading “Under the rainbow”

Uphill work

Today’s guest picture comes in duplex form, courtesy of Irving Davidson and Alan Weatherstone who were both at the road side during the Muckletoon Adventure Festival’s cycle hill climb this evening.   They were kind enough to let me see the results of their expert photography.  In Irving’s picture on the left, I am going uphillContinue reading “Uphill work”