Compost and a castle

Today’s guest picture shows a curious calm on the sea when seen from East Wemyss today. Our son Tony took the shot. It was fairly calm here today too, but not quite as calm as that. It hadn’t been frosty overnight so we got out into the garden before coffee and I sieved some compostContinue reading “Compost and a castle”

Sitting about in the sun

Today’s guest picture shows a bridge over the River Otter in Devon taken by my sister Mary who was visiting friends nearby. We had another day of wall to wall sunshine today and we are getting used to having some good weather at last without having to worry about the next rain shower.  It isContinue reading “Sitting about in the sun”

Full timetable

Today’s guest picture, from my brother Andrew, shows how to make the best of a dull wall.  This is the Birmingham Library (I think). I had a busy day from start to finish and there was little time to use the camera and little light on another grey day to get a good picture whenContinue reading “Full timetable”