Crafty work

Today’s guest picture shows a nice Moorish gate in Toledo, photographed by my brother. In a typical stroke of malice, the weather gods relented from the unremitting provision of near freezing temperatures and delivered a day that was suitable for cycling on a day when I had very little time to spare for going cycling.Continue reading “Crafty work”

Bird table

Today’s picture shows the large puddle which is now more or less permanent on the Scholar’s field and sums up our prevailing weather this year rather well. It was a possible cycling day but for no good reason I felt very tired in the morning and the weather veered from sunny to rainy and windyContinue reading “Bird table”

From hero to zero

Today’s picture was taken by my sister Mary on holiday in the Lake district last weekend. She thought it would make a good addition to the tree trunk pictures favoured by Mrs Tootlepedal. The day dawned brilliantly and to make things better, the waxwings returned to the walnut tree. They came and went in smallContinue reading “From hero to zero”

Lapping it up

The first visit this year of a siskin. The weather was horrible and it was difficult to get a good picture but now that they have arrived, I should get an opportunity soon. Dropscone phoned early this morning and as the weather was very windy and pouring with rain, we agreed to give the morningContinue reading “Lapping it up”

Not a frost at all

Today’s picture is of an unexpected return of a flock of waxwings, back on the walnut tree at getting up time. It was an absolutely gorgeous day but very cold. There was no morning cycling because the temperature didn’t get above 3º  until after eleven o’clock. This gave me the chance to nip downstairs andContinue reading “Not a frost at all”