Happy coincidence

Today’s picture, sent to me by Bruce, shows some waxwings in his garden this morning eating his rowan berries. It was a fine, sunny day and after breakfast I looked up to see if any waxwings had arrived on our walnut tree before I set off on the morning pedal. There were any amount ofContinue reading “Happy coincidence”

Dull day

Today’s picture shows the latest arrival in Mrs Tootlepedal’s extended family.  It is her great niece, Lara. It was another very grey, miserable day today but at least it was reasonably warm.  Dropscone was waiting in for the gas man and I had to go for a blood test so the morning run fell byContinue reading “Dull day”

Waxing the walnut

Today’s picture shows a Venetian Tower in Split, recently visited by my sister Susan.  Although she enjoyed the weather, the antiquities are what she really likes best. Dropscone was fooled by a forecast into believing that it would be frosty this morning so he forwent the cycling and toddled off to Carlisle for some shoppingContinue reading “Waxing the walnut”