Troubled by the wind

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent and shows her daughter Hannah taking part in the Newcastle Vamos festival celebrating Latino music.  What fun. The wind was all that was forecast today (40-50mph) and sometimes it felt as though it was even stronger than that and we had worries about trees in the gardenContinue reading “Troubled by the wind”

All hail

Today’s guest picture is a bit of a cheat as it is of a guest but not by a guest.  Standing beside Dropscone leaning on his carbon fibre machine is the minister, Scott posing with his very new and stylish Bianchi bike   He joined us for our morning run to Gair and back today andContinue reading “All hail”

The birds and the bees

Today’s picture shows an enormous puddle outside our back door in the evening.  It just won’t stop raining. My paper gave us the weather stats for July today.  There was a new record low for sunshine in Scotland.  This was 48 hours for the whole month recorded at Eskdalemuir about 15 miles north of Langholm. Continue reading “The birds and the bees”


Today’s picture is of a soggy rose in the morning which can’t quite cope with the wet. It was cloudy but warm so while Mrs Tootlepedal was probably sipping champagne for her breakfast as they do in the south of England, I had a plate of porridge and a gentle pedal with Dropscone.  I wentContinue reading “Confused”

Back to the usual routine

Today’s picture is of our end to end cycling guests. They will appear on the cycling page but they get a special mention here as they are spending their honeymoon cycling 1000 miles together.  They remained very cheerful in spite of the wet weather. Dropscone and I felt quite cheerful in spite of the rainContinue reading “Back to the usual routine”