Open Dawes policy

Today’s guest picture shows spring in Regent’s Park, London this morning.  It was sent to me by my sister Mary who was enjoying a game of tennis on the one of the public courts in the Park. By contrast here, Mrs Tootlepedal reported snow on the lawn when she got up.  By the time thatContinue reading “Open Dawes policy”

Out and about and about again

Today’s guest picture, from my sister Mary, shows a fine display of daffs at Kew Gardens. The weather today was rather curious.  The hills around the town were shrouded in thick mist but the town itself was clear and there were even moments when the sun shone.  As the wind was light, it was quiteContinue reading “Out and about and about again”

Ten per cent

Today’s picture shows an elegant arcade roof in Hays Galleria seen by my sister Mary when walking beside the Thames. After the cycling of yesterday, today was devoted to more serious matters.  The lawns have been neglected so I started by mowing the middle lawn. Then there were flowers to inspect.  The Shirley poppies areContinue reading “Ten per cent”