Three times walking

Today’s picture shows the garden early in the morning. I checked with my infallible high-tec snow depth measurer… That much snow had fallen during the night.  It meant a busy time at the feeders…. …both in the air and on the ground below…. As usual the feeders were in deep shadow but it wasn’t tooContinue reading “Three times walking”

Cold nose

Today’s picture of a willy wagtail from Western Australia was kindly sent to me by a reader called Jennifer in return for a copy of Susan’s nice picture.  This is a very fine picture and  a very nice gesture. The question this morning was, ‘Would it be warm enough for a pedal?’  The thermometer saidContinue reading “Cold nose”

Not up to it

Today’s picture was going to be the first snowdrop to flower in the garden but I forgot to take the picture so here’s a standard siskin instead. The continuing mild winter weather has meant that siskins have been few and far between this year.  This is a disappointment to me because they are among myContinue reading “Not up to it”

Looking back

Today’s picture is from my brother Andrew and shows a view of Wellington Harbour on New Year’s day. On reading other people’s blog, I see that the thing to do is to have a retrospective view of 2011 at this time.  I am ever a keen follower of fashion so here goes: 2011. Weather notContinue reading “Looking back”

Tootling and pedalling again

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal in her B and B room checking her route round the gardens of England for the day. The day was perfect for cycling. The sun was shining, the wind was light and the temperature was pleasantly cool. Dropscone arrived half an hour earlier than usual and we set off onContinue reading “Tootling and pedalling again”