Mrs Tootlepedal gets her jotters

Today’s guest picture shows Hardwick Hall, a fine Elizabethan house,  which my brother visited last week. Here, we had another day of second hand continental weather with the sun trying its best to peek through an enveloping haze.  The up side was that it was pleasantly warm and by the afternoon it was the kindContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal gets her jotters”

Mrs Tootle takes a pedal

Today’s picture, which was taken by my brother in New Zealand, shows my sister walking (wo)manfully up a big hill.  She tells me that the snow capped mountain in the background is 100km away. In contrast, there was not much of a view here today as we had another cold, grey and intermittently snowy day. Continue reading “Mrs Tootle takes a pedal”