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Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary.  She has visited Paris and thought she would take a picture of the Place de la Concorde as she thinks we all could do with a little concord at this time.


We had another sunny morning here, but once again the day was sprinkled with showers and predicting when they would arrive was tricky.

I went out into the garden in a sunny spell after breakfast and found that the rowan tree was a busy place.

A starling was having a look round…

starling in rowan 1

…and having weighed up the situation…

starling in rowan 2

…it got tucked into the berries.

starling in rowan 3

Other birds looked on…

thrush in rowan

…and a blackbird got in on the act…

blackbird with rowan berry

…and soon everyone was at it.

three birds in rowan

Still, there are plenty of berries to go round.

Rain was forecast for midday so after an early cup of coffee, I set off to do a few miles on my bike before the rain came.  Once again, there was a very brisk wind blowing, and as I didn’t want to put too much pressure on my slightly suspect knee, I settled for 17 miles with the wind behind me for the section with the most climbing.  I didn’t stop to take pictures as I wanted to be sure to be back before the rain started which I was.

As well as the rowan berries, there was more eating going on in other places in the garden.  Mrs Tootlepedal, on her way out to a social lunch engagement, noticed that the nasturtiums by the back door were getting thoroughly nibbled and she spotted the guilty party, a cabbage white caterpillar.

cabbage white caterpillar

While she was out, I mowed the greenhouse grass and then took a walk round the garden to enjoy the colour…

six garden flowers

There was more berry action in the rowan tree.

starling with berry in beak

…and I went in and had a baked potato for my lunch as watching all the eating had made me feel hungry.

Mrs Tootlepedal came back from her lunch and immediately went off for a business meeting and I stayed indoors because one of the forecast rain showers arrived.

By the time that Mrs Tootlepedal returned, the rain had stopped so we had a look at  the sky and went out for a walk.  We hadn’t gone more that a few hundred yards before it started to rain again.  However, we didn’t cry and as it looked as though it might pass quickly, we kept going and were rewarded by blue skies soon afterwards.

We were headed for Meikleholm Hill as there are no cattle or sheep on it at present so I was hoping to find some wild flowers about.

We saw fungus on the way up to the open hill and a rabbit when we got there (it couldn’t keep up with us)…

two fungus and a rabbit

…and we were soon high enough up to get a good view back over the town.  The rain clouds were disappearing over the back of Whita.

view of langholm from Meikleholm

My hope for wild flowers was realised and there were scabious…

scabius meiklholm


yarrow meikleholm

…and a host of things that might well be hawkbit.

wild flowers meikleholm

There was any amount of tormentil (which my camera can’t photograph at all well), as well as an interesting pink flower, lots of heather and an occasional fungus.

wildflowers and fungus meikleholm

I took a panoramic view when we got to the col at the back of the hill….

meikleholm panorama

Click to get te fuller picture.


…and a closer look at the Gates of Eden

gates of eden from meikleholm

..before we took the mountain bike trail back down the hill.

cycle track down meikleholm

The trail was steep and slippery in places, so we had to go very carefully as our days of skipping down hills like mountain goats are long past, but we got safely back onto a good track in the end.  As we hot the track, it started to rain and and we expected the worst, but in a few minutes we got the best instead.

meikleholm rainbow panorama

Another click will get a larger view.

As it turned out that the foot of the rainbow was obviously lying smack in our garden, you can expect Mrs Tootlepedal to be keener than ever on digging over the beds.

meikleholm rainbow

Once again, we were passed by some light traffic…

horse of meikleholm

…and as we came back down off the hill, there were more flowers and fungus to be seen.

fungus and knapweed meikleholm

We got back to the house just as it started to rain again.

Although it was only just over two miles, it seemed a lot longer with so much to enjoy on the way and with quite a bit of climbing and descending as well.  We felt well rewarded for our efforts.

In the evening, Mike and Alison came round for their customary Friday visit and Alison and I played a cheerful selection of music while Mike and Mrs Tootlepedal sorted the world out.

There are still quite a lot of peacock and red admiral butterflies in the garden, sitting for their portraits….

peacock and red admiral on buddleia

…but I was pleased to catch a white butterfly in flight and although it is not the sharpest picture in the world, I am still more than happy to use it as the flying bird of the day.

flying white butterfly

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Today’s picture, from the camera of my brother, shows an elegant flautist….much like myself in many ways, though I usually keep my shirt and trousers on while playing.

Everyone loves a flute player

I was feeling much better today, and hardly moaned or complained at all…..well maybe once or twice…but I felt well and never had to lie down for a snooze.

Mrs Tootlepedal is still feeling very positive about cycling, even in the rain so after we had had a visit from Dropscone, (who came bearing gifts of cauliflower and squash and departed, after a cup of coffee, with a cycling magazine) we got togged up in the wet weather gear and ventured out.  The wind was not too strong and the rain was gentle so we enjoyed our fourteen mile journey round the Barnglieshead triangle.

The road to Barnglieshead

We relished this nice new bit of resurfaced road near Barnglieshead.

We stopped at the farm for a bit of a home made energy bar…


…and a look at the young lambs there.

Barnglieshead lambs

On our way back, we past a newly felled piece of woodland and you can clearly see how closely the trees in these commercial plantations are planted.  It forces them to grow straight and quickly.

Kerr wood

I stopped to admire some very healthy looking hazel catkins beside the Wauchope.

Hazel catkins

Once home, I just had time for a quick walk round the garden…


This tulip defied the rain.

tulips and daffs

Mrs Tootlepedal is pleased with the promise of these newly planted tulips among the daffs.

Mrs Tootlepedal has aimed for a river of blue with her grape hyacinths and has produced this.



…before it was time for lunch.  After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal shot off on a shopping excursion in the car and I arranged for a walk with Sandy, who is on holiday from his job at college.  There was the hint of drizzle still in the air but we took our cameras anyway.

We started along the banks of the Esk and I had barely remarked that I hadn’t seen a goosander for ages before we saw two right beside us.

female goosander

The female of the pair.

I tried mentioning that I hadn’t seen a dipper or a polar bear either but this didn’t have the same magical effect.

We walked round the Castleholm and the pheasant hatchery.  We met a man being taken for a walk by his dogs….


…saw a new fungus on a tree stump….


…and caught a glimpse of spring in wild flowers…

wild flower

….and fresh green leaves.


It started to rain quite heavily as we got near the Duchess’ Bridge  so the cameras were put away and we headed for a cup of tea at Sandy’s without too much delay.

As usual, I had found time during the day to stare out of the window.

siskin redpoll

The arguments between siskins and redpolls are ongoing.

Flying birds were ten a penny today.



Concentration was always needed as the feeder came near.


In the evening, I met up with Sandy again and we went to the Archive Centre with Jean and Jean and I completed the entry of another couple of weeks of the newspaper index.

Although, I am still a bit tired and consequently the literary content of this post is rather skimpy, I was pleased to have had a normal sort of day and I hope that tomorrow will be even better.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch.






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