Blown off course

Today’s guest picture shows a fine peacock which my sister Mary saw on a walk in Holland Park. She was with my Somerset correspondent Venetia. We have had to wait a long time but we finally got a warm and pleasant day today, though just to ensure that we didn’t get too uppity, the weatherContinue reading “Blown off course”

A fan of Oscar

Today’s guest picture comes from  Dropscone’s recent seaside holiday on the east coast.  He climbed a dune to look at the beach and saw five people, two dogs and half a million razor clam shells. We had a third and bonus sunny day as the weather turned out better than expected.  It was frosty againContinue reading “A fan of Oscar”

Spring in the step

  Today’s guest picture come from ex-archivist Ken who tells me that this odd structure is designed to filter pollutants to the  equivalence of up to 300 trees. It is situated at Haymarket at a busy junction close to the bus station. Spring arrived  today and even if it is, as they used to sayContinue reading “Spring in the step”

Unexpected traffic jams

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo from Manitoba.  From Manitoba but not in Manitoba as she has taken a break from endless winter to catch a ray or two in Antigua.  It looks like a good decision as more snow has arrived at home. We had a generally sunny, almost totally dry day hereContinue reading “Unexpected traffic jams”

La vie en rose

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia.  She saw these de-icers at work at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on her way to America.  They would make me very nervous if I was flying. We had a day out today.  One of Mrs Tootlepedal’s fellow sopranos from our Carlisle choir had invited us forContinue reading “La vie en rose”

Only got one pair of hands

In the absence of a genuine guest picture of the day, Mrs Tootlepedal’s current sampler modestly takes the stage to head up today’s post. We had the best day for what seems like months for cycling today.  Temperatures were safely above freezing, winds were light and several rays of sunshine were to be seen.  WhatContinue reading “Only got one pair of hands”

A cycle and a song

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew’s trip to Barcelona.  What could the architect have been thinking about when he or she designed this? In contrast to yesterday’s glut of pictures, today was very quiet photographically.  The day dawned brightly enough but the skies soon clouded over. After a leisurely breakfast, I gave SandyContinue reading “A cycle and a song”

A very small window

Today’s guest picture was taken by my younger brother and shows the two oldest of my three elder sisters walking in Chiswick House Park where he had taken them for a cultural outing.  It was the country home of the great painter, engraver and satirist William Hogarth. The forecast rain and wind were very much inContinue reading “A very small window”

Taking a brake

Today’s guest picture shows the charming Old Bell Hotel in Derby.  It was taken by my sister Mary during her recent visit there. We had a calm day today and as we are forecast to have several days in a row of high winds and heavy rain, it could be correctly described as the calmContinue reading “Taking a brake”

Well timed

Today’s picture is a striking sculpture sent to me by my brother who was passing through Singapore on his way back to the UK.  He has a very fine gallery of pictures from there which you can see here if you wish. It was another, frosty, sunny morning so once again outdoor cycling had toContinue reading “Well timed”