Looking back

Today’s picture is from my brother Andrew and shows a view of Wellington Harbour on New Year’s day. On reading other people’s blog, I see that the thing to do is to have a retrospective view of 2011 at this time.  I am ever a keen follower of fashion so here goes: 2011. Weather notContinue reading “Looking back”

Keeping my pecker up.

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew shows a bridge across the Otaki River in New Zealand.  It is not a bridge that I will be crossing under any circumstances. It was intermittently a better day today and at one stage, we even saw the sun.  It was still very windy and with the continual possibilityContinue reading “Keeping my pecker up.”

Away with the birds

Today’s picture really does show the last rose in the garden on its last legs.  So we bid farewell to the yellow rose of Wauchope until next year.  (I haven’t the heart to dead-head it.) It was another good day for cycling so I made extra porridge and had two slices of toast to fuelContinue reading “Away with the birds”

Too many woodpecker pictures

Today’s picture comes from David in New Zealand and shows just how many toes make ten. This is the granddaughter of Mike and Alison Tinker, who are visiting her at present. Their gain is my loss, as on a normal Friday I would be enjoying playing a sonata or two with Alison and I amContinue reading “Too many woodpecker pictures”


Today’s picture shows almost the last of the Japanese anenomes which have done so well this year. The new month started with a welcome change in the weather and Dropscone and I set off for our morning run with gladness in our hearts.  In an effort to keep away from hedge thorns and muddy roads,Continue reading “Spotted”


Today’s picture shows a potentilla which joins the frost survivors club in the garden Dropscone was away on a jaunt to London and my get and go seemed to have gone with him because, although the day was very reasonable, I couldn’t summon up the energy to get a bike out.  I told myself thatContinue reading “Absent”

Life in the slow lane

Today’s picture was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal’s mother at the Making the Most of Moorlands (An Education Project) bird feeder station. When Dropscone arrived for the morning pedal, I got out the slow bike for a change.  The roads on the morning run are potholed, muddy and covered with leaves and stones and the slowContinue reading “Life in the slow lane”

On a clear day

Today’s picture shows an old friend who’s been hanging around.  I took it just to show that the skies were clear all day for once. The day was sunny from the start but Dropscone was gloomy.  His aches and pains meant that he couldn’t cycle today.  I changed my plan,  had two extra slices ofContinue reading “On a clear day”