Ecclefechan and squirrels

Today’s guest picture is a charming bridge crossed by some of my siblings last week. I can’t remember where it is but I can confirm that they came to it before they crossed it. We had another cool dry day today so it seemed like a good idea to have an outing with my sisterContinue reading “Ecclefechan and squirrels”

A strange encounter

Today’s guest picture shows a stone which was so covered in colourful lichen that my neighbour Liz thought that it looked like a concealed tiger when she saw it deep in the woods. After a busy day yesterday, I was quite happy to have a quiet morning today and so I was more than pleasedContinue reading “A strange encounter”

Summer day

It was a lovely day in Edinburgh today and Mrs Tootlepedal’s guest picture of the day shows TWGT on Portobello promenade beside the sea. For some reason, I felt a touch weary this morning so I let Mrs Tootlepedal go off to Edinburgh by herself. Because there wasn’t a chilly wind blowing, this felt likeContinue reading “Summer day”

A walk on the wild side

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle’s correspondent’s trip to California, where she visited Stanford university. We were pleased and surprised to be presented with another fine, dry day today and we are beginning to feel that we could easily get used to this sort of thing. I started the day with a visit toContinue reading “A walk on the wild side”

A farewell meal

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s Lake District trip and shows the path to Easedale Tarn. If only I could have persuaded myself to get up at 6 o’clock when I opened my eyes to see strong sunshine outside, I would have been able to make the best of the day.  AsContinue reading “A farewell meal”


Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my daughter, Annie and shows the sort of dull birds you get in your garden if you live in the middle of an enormous city.  (I am envious.) We had another dry and cloudy day today with the thermometer at a measly three degrees C at breakfastContinue reading “Twotlepedal”

Another hiding

Today’s guest picture is a zebra spotted by my daughter while visiting Claridges.  It is a beautifully finished rocking zebra. In an exciting development on the construction front, the wall growers came round today and laid some concrete for the foundation for the new wall.  It was not exciting from a photographic point of viewContinue reading “Another hiding”

Marching orders

Today’s guest picture, taken by my brother, shows Mr Grumpy’s Dutch cousin spotted in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. I had a quiet but entertaining morning, While Mrs Tootlepedal went off to a church choir practice, I stayed in in case I was need for any building consultations .  It turned that there was no needContinue reading “Marching orders”

Jam tomorrow

Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother when he and his wife arrived in Dresden.    As he remarks, it is a horseless carriage….or landau in this case. The weather continued warm and humid today and I got up ready to pedal but took a great deal of time actually to get into a pedallingContinue reading “Jam tomorrow”


Today’s guest picture comes from my nephew Emre, by way of my sister Susan who forwarded it to me, and shows his daughter Lila, the latest addition to our family.  A great uncle again.  I am feeling my age. The full day that I enjoyed yesterday turned out to have been a little fuller thanContinue reading “Hipped”