A degree of difference

Today’s guest picture, sent by my sister Mary, shows the Earl of Pembroke, Chancellor of the University 1617-30, in a design by Rubens, looking very pleased with himself in front of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It was an almost sunny day today.  All day it looked as though the sun was going to burst throughContinue reading “A degree of difference”

Rain, rain come again

Today’s guest picture shows the fine court house in Liverpool, built when crime was taken seriously and photographed by my brother. The weather here was a crime today, with fearsome winds and heavy rain for most of the day.  It was my turn to fill the moorland feeders and I stopped on the way toContinue reading “Rain, rain come again”

Adding up

Today’s guest picture from my brother Andrew shows the rivers Trent and Soar in full flow.  For once the weather in the south of the UK has been wetter than in the north so far this year. Dropscone had business to do so I was able to let a very windy and drizzly morning slideContinue reading “Adding up”


Today’s guest picture is another from Zyriacus, showing a fine view of his local river. The weather gods had really decided to stick the boot in today to punish me for leaving my work on the toast until the last minute.  Instead of some nice grey drizzle, the morning was aburst with sunlight on everyContinue reading “Torment”

Unusual weather event

Today’s guest picture, from my sister Mary, shows Mrs Tootlepedal and Pat on a Christmas walk last week. It was raining again when we got up so I had breakfast and sensibly went back to bed again.  I rose gracefully from my resting place just in time for a cup of coffee, kindly provided byContinue reading “Unusual weather event”

A full day

Today’s guest picture is a seasonal one sent to me by Gavin and taken on Beaver Mountain in the USA by his son or daughter-in-law who are skiing there. We had a wonderful Christmas day with wall to wall sunshine and a much reduced wind.  Inside the house all was good as well with MrsContinue reading “A full day”

A song and a smile

Today’s guest picture shows seasonal fun in Leicester Square, London.  It was enjoyed by my sister Mary. It was a much better day today with a lot of sunshine and less tooth trouble.  On the down side it was only just above freezing and actually getting colder as the sun came up so Dropscone andContinue reading “A song and a smile”

A gentle day

Today’s guest picture shows a Madrid fan club, another from my brother’s portfolio. It was a genuinely sub zero day today with the temperature only just creeping up to 1°  by lunchtime.  A cheerful sun and no wind made it feel quite pleasant though as I walked up to the Archive Centre after breakfast toContinue reading “A gentle day”

A bird in the hand

Today’s guest picture is a scan of the birthday card my brother would have sent me if events and illness had not conspired against him.  It is very suitable.   Now I’ll have to try to remember to send him one next year. Birds were on my mind when I got up as Dr  Cat BarlowContinue reading “A bird in the hand”

Winding through the countryside

Today’s guest picture shows a pair of well known people whom my brother and his wife met in Madrid. I myself met a well known person (to me at least) when Dropscone appeared after breakfast, ready for the morning run.  It was a bit warmer than it has been so there was no danger ofContinue reading “Winding through the countryside”