Today’s picture was taken by my sister Mary on a Thameside walk this morning.  I am going to have to up my game if my family start sending me pictures like this. Our spell of sunny weather came to an end today but, as a compensation, it was slightly warmer and Dropscone and I wereContinue reading “Wind”

Very early to bed

Today’s picture shows Maisie enjoying a zucchini and spinach soup.  She is an example to us all in the matter of eating our greens. A reasonable night’s sleep had done nothing to make me less tired and I had to turn down an opportunity to go cycling with Dropscone as I wasn’t fit to faceContinue reading “Very early to bed”

Two birds with one stone

Today’s picture sent by my brother Andrew shows some very chilly looking boats on the canal at Banbury. It wasn’t quite so chilly looking here as yesterday’s snow had disappeared by the time we woke up and apart from a little sprinkling during the morning, we had a dry and above zero day.  It wasContinue reading “Two birds with one stone”

Close encounters of the bird kind

Today’s picture, taken on a hill walk by my recorder playing friend Susan, reflects the chilly scenes around Langholm at the moment. And it was another chilly, clear, dry day again today.  We’ve almost forgotten what rain is like but the ground isn’t drying out because it is too cold and when the thaw comes,Continue reading “Close encounters of the bird kind”

Free at last (but only on parole)

Today’s picture, kindly sent to me by Keith from Canada, shows a nearly finished ice sculpture.  He said that he thought of me when he saw it.  I can’t think why. We are in a run of cold dry weather at the moment which is a very welcome break after all the wet weather.  ItContinue reading “Free at last (but only on parole)”

Here, there and everywhere

The picture of the day has been contributed by Zyriacus, a reader from Germany, and shows a bug hotel which he and his son constructed in his garden.  Everyone should have one. It was very nice of him to take the trouble to send me this picture and it is much appreciated. Today the sunContinue reading “Here, there and everywhere”

Close up and personal

Today’s picture shows the returning Mrs Tootlepedal with the added bonus of daughter Annie in tow.  I am afraid that they did not take the injunction to pose nicely for the blog very seriously.  The large case contains two friends who were travelling cheaply. Apart from the arrival home in the evening of Mrs Tootlepedal,Continue reading “Close up and personal”

To be fair, it was quite a nice day today in spite of the continuing absence of Mrs Tootlepedal.

Today’s picture is another from Kevin’s colourful aquarium. After the dreary weather of the last two days, today was a welcome change.  It was dry, warm and pretty well windless.  Dropscone was on a visit to the dentist so I went out for a gentle saunter on the new bike.  I left myself a littleContinue reading “To be fair, it was quite a nice day today in spite of the continuing absence of Mrs Tootlepedal.”

Masterly inactivity

Today’s picture is another attempt by a robin to corner the Christmas card slot. It was a bright but chilly day when I woke up and I managed to cycle a good deal less than I had planned.  In fact, I managed not to cycle at all.  This was a waste of that rare thing,Continue reading “Masterly inactivity”

Mist opportunity

Today’s picture shows the setting sun seen through the McDiarmid Memorial, an unaccustomed outbreak of arty shooting for me. It was another sunny morning but even colder than recently and with the temperature hovering just over zero there was no chance that I was going to venture out on a bicycle.  Even if I couldContinue reading “Mist opportunity”