Slow train

Today’s picture from the phone of Mrs Tootlepedal’s nephew Julian, shows his wife Emma in a familiar pose a couple of weeks ago in front of a famous building. It was a chilly but calm morning after the wind and rain of yesterday and Dropscone duly turned up ready for the morning run.  Paddockhole wasContinue reading “Slow train”

Cold nose

Today’s picture of a willy wagtail from Western Australia was kindly sent to me by a reader called Jennifer in return for a copy of Susan’s nice picture.  This is a very fine picture and  a very nice gesture. The question this morning was, ‘Would it be warm enough for a pedal?’  The thermometer saidContinue reading “Cold nose”

Wireless magic

Today’s picture is another from one of my brother Andrew’s walks with his wife, Catherine.  It shows a set of stepping stones in the river Dove. He bravely walked across them. Dropscone was off visiting Glasgow but the day was fair and I had every opportunity to go for a pedal by myself.  I spurnedContinue reading “Wireless magic”

All at ones and twos

Today’s picture shows the scone delivery system at work.  This is the empty scone receptacle being transported home after scone consumption had taken place. We enjoyed another fine day today but Dropscone had to go round the morning run by himself again as I was taking the speedy bike to the bike shop to getContinue reading “All at ones and twos”

A peaceful walk

Today’s picture comes from Carcassonne and was sent to me by my son Alistair and his wife Clare.  They are visiting the area and were very excited to find that the actuality matched the picture on the box of a board game which they often play. No cycling today on account of very tired legsContinue reading “A peaceful walk”

A day tinged with sadness

Today’s picture shows some fantastic topiary at a garden called Knighthayes in Devon.  My daughter Annie sent me the picture after a recent visit.  They make Mrs Tootlepedal’s chickens look a bit staid. The sadness that coloured the day was brought in the evening by the news that my friend Sandy’s wife Ann had diedContinue reading “A day tinged with sadness”

Two unexpected visitors

Another picture from Susan’s trip.  I like a hydro electric scheme as, after the capital investment, it is money for nothing. I felt a lot better today but I didn’t want to push my luck so I had another gentle morning of crossword and coffee interrupted by walking round the garden and staring out ofContinue reading “Two unexpected visitors”

Satisfactory resting

Today’s picture of a geyser was sent to me by Bruce who is visiting lands far to the North where hot water is free. I had a rare outbreak of good sense today and decided that two twenty mile pedals in two days were probably enough for the time being and so I went offContinue reading “Satisfactory resting”

A day of three halves

Today’s picture shows my daughter-in-law Clare in front of a very big hedge in the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  My son’s phone takes rather blue pictures. It was a mild, grey day with light winds and I should have been cycling but Dropscone was away on business and I had promised to fill the feedersContinue reading “A day of three halves”

Thrice visited

Today’s picture shows the Market Place in Langholm.  The bunting is in preparation for Langholm’s Great Day. In marked contrast to our recent weather, we had another fine day today and I got up early and went up to the moorland feeder station because Cat Barlow had told me that she would be ringing birdsContinue reading “Thrice visited”