Water, water

Today’s unlikely picture is from my Newcastle correspondent, Fiona.  If necessary, click on it to get the bigger picture. I spent a little time considering my own footwear this morning but eventually settled on my cycling shoes to go with the rest of the cycling gear which I was wearing.  I then spent quite aContinue reading “Water, water”

Running the new lens in

Today’s picture is another from Bruce’s recent visit to the Isle of Arran. We had another lovely shirtsleeve day today.  I didn’t cycle as I had tasks to do including taking the car to the garage to see if they could see what was keeping one of the doors permanently locked.  They could but theyContinue reading “Running the new lens in”

It worked out well

Today’s picture shows a chaffinch in the early morning mist. I had put my faith in the forecast and in spite of an enveloping mist and temperatures only just above freezing, I got up into many layers of cycling gear because my first plan for the day was to go for a pedal.  It tookContinue reading “It worked out well”