Goodbye again

Today’s picture shows the return of the siskins I got up this morning to a chorus of bird tweets and when I looked at the walnut tree, it was full of siskins again. Dr Barlow, my fund of all knowledge about birds, tells me that they will probably be a new flock passing through ratherContinue reading “Goodbye again”

A pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture was taken on a recent walk on Whita Hill by my tootling friend Susan. It certainly has that romantic air which the landscape painters loved. The day started with a ride round the morning run with Dropscone. He has got a heart monitor after reading an article on getting fit in a magazineContinue reading “A pedal and a tootle”

Ice age

Today’s picture comes to me by courtesy of my son Anthony. It is of the outside rim of an horrendously difficult jigsaw of a cup of coffee. He kindly  assures me that it is lot more interesting than all those birds. A combination of last night’s rain and nearly freezing temperatures meant that the townContinue reading “Ice age”

Still plenty to do

Today’s picture is of snow in North London. On a nice day, my sister Mary likes to have breakfast outside in this cafe at Kenwood  but not yesterday as you can see from her picture. Mrs Tootlepedal started the day with what would have been a well deserved lie-in if she hadn’t got up inContinue reading “Still plenty to do”

Very satisfying day indeed

Today’s picture is of the tame heron at the Kilngreen What a glorious day. The temperature rose to a magnificent 6º (it just missed a magnificent seven) and the snow has really faded away except in shaded spots. As a result, for the first time for ages I was able to get out a bike,Continue reading “Very satisfying day indeed”

At long last

Today’s picture is of a frozen cobweb outside the bathroom window. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was magical to look at. It was another rather housebound day today, though Mrs Tootlepedal went to work and I managed a short trip to John’s shop. It was minus 5º when we got up and itContinue reading “At long last”

Not a frost at all

Today’s picture is of an unexpected return of a flock of waxwings, back on the walnut tree at getting up time. It was an absolutely gorgeous day but very cold. There was no morning cycling because the temperature didn’t get above 3º  until after eleven o’clock. This gave me the chance to nip downstairs andContinue reading “Not a frost at all”

Much the same as usual

Once again the weather was rather gloomy for photography of quickly moving things but I did  get this picture of a sparrow. The day was gloomy but there was no rain and the wind was quieter than Wednesday so the morning run with Dropscone was both more pleasant than Wednesday’s effort and a couple ofContinue reading “Much the same as usual”