That elusive goldfinch

Today’s picture was taken in a sunlit moment near the end of the afternoon I was hoping to get a shot of the goldfinch but, once again, he did his best to frustrate me. The morning and early afternoon were¬† grey and wet so that is when he came. He perched behind the feeder againContinue reading “That elusive goldfinch”

Dropscone returns

Today’s flower is the other big burst of colour remaining in the garden It was an extremely wet morning today so there was no cycling.¬† The internet came on again which was a relief. You don’t realise how much of your life revolves around the internet until it disappears. My golfing partner Arthur came roundContinue reading “Dropscone returns”

Another golfing tragedy

Today’s flower is a delphinium I went off to play golf today determined not to repeat the fiasco of last week where I played well during the first nine holes and very badly the second nine. All went to plan as I played well for the first nine holes but unfortunately I played even worseContinue reading “Another golfing tragedy”

Golf, Worms and Garden on a Lovely Day

The morning started with a trip to the building society to round off the tax work of yesterday. I made a nice broth for lunch and then got picked up by my playing partner, Arthur Bell and went to play with modified success but great enjoyment in the Wednesday golf competition. (Modified = very little)Continue reading “Golf, Worms and Garden on a Lovely Day”

The Lonely Pedaller and a Can of Worms

I had to go round the morning pedal by myself today as my usual partner had gone off to play golf (rather selfishly, I thought). Nevertheless, I had a good run in light winds and thoroughly enjoyed myself. After the cycle ride, a large parcel was delivered containing a very swish wormery and a goodContinue reading “The Lonely Pedaller and a Can of Worms”

A Quiet Day in the House and Garden

After a quick visit to our local farmers’ market I was able to mow the lawn thanks to some recent rain. The lawns have not recovered from the drought but they are looking a little better and with more rain forecast, I hope to get them in good condition soon. A quick peer into theContinue reading “A Quiet Day in the House and Garden”