Rushing about (slowly)

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia, who left the rural delights of Somerset and visited Kew Gardens in the company of my sister Mary.  She found that it was a place where, as they say, “Here be dragons.” I didn’t do much today, another cloudy,  warm and dry day, but what I did do tookContinue reading “Rushing about (slowly)”


Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Venetia, my Somerset correspondent, who got the chance of a ride in a hot air balloon.  Her picture shows how far I would have gone on the journey before finding something else to do.  I don’t like heights.  She was very brave and has put lots ofContinue reading “Visitors”

Sunny Sunday

Today’s guest picture was sent to Mrs Tootlepedal who passed it on to me.  It shows her brother and his wife (and several family members) roughing it on their holiday on Tresco in the isles of Scilly. We can’t run to palm trees in Langholm but we did have another lovely summer day in LangholmContinue reading “Sunny Sunday”