Tom Hutton is a keen cyclist and recorder player. He is also chairman of the Langholm Archive Group. He and his wife cycled from St Malo to Toulouse and enjoyed a 200 mile tour of North Holland . They really enjoyed the cycling provision and general respect for cyclists which you find over there…and the tulips were beautiful too.

tulip field
Tulips on our Dutch trip

They have completed the Land’s end to John O’Groats ride as old age pensioners.






Alison Hutton, his wife, is a very keen and competent gardener.

They continue to enjoy singing in choirs and the quiet life of their border town.

57 thoughts on “About

  1. Don’t know if its proper blog etiquette but I would like to invite you to my most recent post on my blog, today and tomorrow I am trying to take a viewers on a virtual walk around the garden.

  2. Mr. Hutton, I have never had anyone ‘Like’ my blog as you did. Thank you so much for this honor.

    I was able to give a short look at your own efforts this evening. I enjoyed what I saw and read and will put more time into it tomorrow.


    Ron Hoover

  3. Hello there – I saw that you stopped-by my blog this morning…thank you for visiting…and for letting me know you were there.

    I rather enjoyed browsing your site and admiring all of the bird pictures…and country lanes, etc. Thank you for sharing as you do. 🙂

  4. Tom, because I enjoy and admire your blog so much, I have nominated you for the ABC Award.
http://avian101.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/abc-award/ ‎. In order to accept this award, you must comply with the two rules. Then you may place the Award logo on your site. Please do not feel any pressure to accept this award, I understand if you do not wish to participate. But know your site is appreciated, and your blogging is interesting, your photos are beautiful! I enjoy reading your posts! Have a great day! H.J.

  5. Hello Tom- i just have spent a very happy hour during my lunch break reading through some of your blog and looking at your beautiful photos. I live in the middle of London so dont get to see very much greenery- so to ‘escape’ for my lunch hour was really appreciated- so wanted to write to thank you.
    Hpe you have a nice week

  6. PS Any chance of seeing more of your pond- as thats something i would love to see more of- apart from your Frogs do you get any more amphibians or reptiles in your garden/local area?

  7. Thank you for visiting my new blog today. I appreciate that you took the time, albeit not much as it’s very short, to read it and comment. I looked at your blog yesterday and again today and I really like it. The photos that go with the story are amazing. Makes me want to take more pictures and sharpen my skill with a camera. Looking forward to reading your blog every day!

  8. Really enjoyed reading through your blog for the better part of a dreary evening. Beautifully photographed birds and I have greatly enlarged my English in respect of bird names. Greetings to the Scottish border from Germany (near Cologne).

  9. Hello..I have to say that I wasn`t quite sure what all this ” blog ” stuff was ! but stumbled on yours whilst looking for images around Waterbeck..as we are due to move to a lovely wee cottage which,looking at your entry from Friday..you probably cycled past ! Its just before the converted church at Lauries close..so a future “tea stop” for you both on your travels ! Your photos are fantastic..keep up the good work folks :o) Colin & Louise

    1. I am very flattered by your kind words but it is an iron part of my policy as an old curmudgeon never to accept these sort of awards from fellow bloggers however kindly they are meant so I must ask you to find someone else to give the fine award to as I cannot accept it.

  10. Hello Tom – I found your nice blog through our mutual enthusiasm for the Solway Firth. I live on the South side – I’m looking across the sea at Criffel right now. I hope you and other readers might enjoy browsing my Solway Shore Stories website, http://www.solwayshorestories.co.uk and, if anyone lives close enough, joining me on one of my very informal shore walks.
    But I’m also replying to Ken’s note above about the starling murmuration: Norman Holton, warden of the RSPB reserve over here, reported that he once saw ~ 2 million starlings flying across the Firth – you can read about it on http://www.solwayshorestories.co.uk/saltmarshes, if you’d like to!
    Thanks for your lovely photos, and best wishes

      1. Oh, thank you! That is what I was guessing, but wasn’t quite sure. I even tried to “Google” the Eck river and found it was in three different countries! LOL How blessed you are to live such a wonderful life in such a wonderful place.

  11. Hi Tom
    I’ve nominated you for an award. Wonderful team membership reader award.

    It’s up to you if you’d like it but it’s basically a thank you for your support! I’ve learned from you and enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you very much for the honour but I am such a curmudgeon that I don’t accept blog awards. I enjoy reading your blog and I am pleased that you have found some interest in mine.

  12. Hi Tom, can you send me your email via the contact box on my blog? i have a picture to send you that amused me.. and i am sure you too.. other wise I don’t know how to get it to you..

    1. I will but you should be able to find my email on any comment that I have put on your blog if you read it from yuor dashboard. Your email showed up on your comment.

  13. I do t suppose you have seen how close damsons and sloes are to harvesting on your travels Mr Tootlepedal? I was in Essex last weekend and the damsons were falling off the trees down there, I think we might be in for an early crop up here too.

  14. Hello Tom, it’s Anita from choir. I like reading your blog because you are showing me places around Canonbie where I now live. Plus you are helping me identify some birds that visit my garden. I have not yet had any gold or green finches. Could you tell me what their favourite food is please?

    1. Hello Anita,

      I use sunflower hearts which seem to go down well with a lot of birds. They are more expensive but a lot less messy that sunflower seeds in their black coverings. I get mine in big bags from Blendbetter as they are the cheapest that I have found.

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